Website Design Inspiration: DJ site with a great client list

DJ Busy B website home page

Who: DJ Busy B
What: Open Format DJ
Where: Los Angeles
Why his website rocks: As a working DJ, Busy B knows the importance of having a professional website to send clients and fans to. His home page is inviting with a nice large image slideshow. This immediately shows visitors who DJ Busy B is and that he takes pride in his appearance. He also adds a custom logo to make his name (brand) stand out. 

The goal of a homepage is to draw visitors in, give them a little taste of what you’re about and offer one primary call-to-action. DJ Busy B does this with his mailing list signup form, social media links and a cool promo video right at the top of the page. He also offers the busy visitor an at-a-glance view of his calendar, a music mix, latest Tweets, and Instragram posts.

His About page is nice because it has great content laid out in a concise way. We like how he uses slightly different font variations and color to break up the text a bit. The images on the side also bring visual interest to the page and shows DJ Busy B in action.

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DJ Busy B website About Me page

One of the stand out pages on his site is the Clients page. Here you’ll see an image with the logos of companies he’s DJ’d for. In this industry, references are vital, so displaying his clients this way is smart.

One way to achieve this look is by creating one image with all the logos. You can do this in a photo editing software like PicMonkey or Pixlr. These free online programs allow you to create a collage where you can upload several smaller pictures onto one large image area.

DJ Busy B website past clients page

When prospective clients visit his Clients page, they’ll see this impressive grid of previous clients and want to inquire further about his services. He makes it easy to contact him by using a custom form on his Booking page. Here he’s set up a questionnaire style form for prospective clients in order to gage their needs up front. This will help DJ Busy B separate the looky-loos from the serious clients.

This website works well because it has a clean, uncluttered layout, varied content and consistent look throughout. The combination of features and widgets creates a modern professional DJ website. Nice job DJ Busy B! For more design inspiration, check out our Website Examples page and the Beautiful Website Templates category of our blog.

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