Website Design Inspiration: Best Rock Band Websites

Website Design Inspiration: Best Rock Band Websites

Your website should rock as hard as you do. Problem is, many musicians get stuck on the technical stuff. Fortunately, Bandzoogle makes it easy to set up, no coding needed! Focusing on one page at a time, and sticking to the basics will allow you to design a rock band website that makes your music the focal point.

The page that does the most for your band is the Homepage. This is the first page a visitor sees when they hit your site. The key features you want to have on your homepage are:

  • A nice professional header image

  • Mailing list sign-up form

  • A short 2-3 line bio

  • Events feature with a few upcoming gigs

  • And either a preview of one song, streaming video or latest news

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One Bandzoogle member doing a great job with this is UK rock band, Phoenix Calling. Not only do they have one pro header image, but three awesome shots using our slideshow header option.

They keep their fans in the loop by consistently posting updates and new shows. Adding images to the blog feature for news gives the page a nice look so fans can skim for what interests them.

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Website Design Inspiration: Best Rock Band Websites

Another band with a stand-out homepage is folk-rock band The Ragged Few. They’ve chosen our newest template, Portside, to display their professional header images.

A notable addition with Portside is the vertical menu. This new display also provides a prime spot for the site-wide music player above the menu.

Website Design Inspiration: Best Rock Band Websites

Following a great homepage should be a nice About page. You'll want to include your location, how you got started, career highlights and upcoming projects. It should also offer great images to break up the text on the page.

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To connect with their fans, The Ragged Few have given exposure to each member of the band on their bio page. This gives fans a more personal look at each band member in more detail.

Website Design Inspiration: Best Rock Band Websites

A great way to attract new fans is by arming your current fans with cool merch. With our built-in Store options you can sell anything from physical CD’s and branded t-shirts, to koozies and guitar picks, commission-free.

On top of that you can spoil your fans by discounting certain items with our sales pricing options. Bandzoogle members Jaggermouth have done this on their Store page by letting fans download their current album at half off.

Website Design Inspiration: Best Rock Band Websites

If you’ve been around the music scene for awhile like Russian Circles Band, you may have several albums in your arsenal. A great way to display them is with a discography page. This will allow you to set up a grid of album covers, then when an album is clicked you can set it up to go to a dedicated page for that specific album.  

Website Design Inspiration: Best Rock Band Websites

On the individual album page you can give more attention to things like streaming tracks, credits and album notes. They also make great use of our Bandcamp integration!

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Website Design Inspiration: Best Rock Band Websites

To wrap it all up it’s a good idea to add an electronic press kit (EPK) to your site. An EPK is a digital version of a press packet you’d send to the media. It includes a short bio, press clips, a couple songs, a video, hi-res photos and contact information.

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Having everything in one place makes it easy for media professionals to see you and your music at-a-glance. Pinup Band’s EPK page is a nice example of how to organize the page to make all the information readily available.

Website Design Inspiration: Best Rock Band Websites

Although rock life can be chaotic, your website doesn’t need to be. Taking pieces of each of these featured websites you can create a pro website that packs a mighty punch! For more design inspiration, check out our Website Examples page and the Beautiful Website Templates category of our blog.

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