Website Design Inspiration: Bandzoogle Team Sites

Website Design Inspiration: Bandzoogle Team Sites

Not only do we work here, we're also members! While we're away at our annual meetup, we're taking the day to showcase some of our own websites powered by Bandzoogle.

  • Education and Events Specialist Allison has built her coaching website here. She makes great use of our built-in features like the Blog to keep her website up to date. Her frequent updates also help her site rank high in search engine results as well! She’s using the beautiful new Prismatic theme - just one of the new modern themes we’ve been adding this year.

Allison Sharpe website - Bandzoogle Blog

  • Dave Cool, our Director of Industry Outreach, uses Bandzoogle for his personal website. He shares blog posts relevant to musicians, as well as a variety of free eBooks he's written. His documentary, What Is Indie? is also available in our commission-free eCommerce feature!

  • QA Analyst Justin hosts his website here, featuring his past and upcoming performances in the Shows feature. He also uses great imagery and adds a different header image to each page of his Meridan theme for a super modern and colorful look. Justin also has a vocal lessons page on his site, so if you're in the neighborhood and looking to take some lessons, you can contact him directly on his website!

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