[VIDEO] How to share your music with Facebook, Twitter, and Embeddable players

In this video tutorial we show how easy it is to share your music online using Bandzoogle’s Facebook, Twitter, and Embeddable players. They are beautifully simple, and highlight your album art. 

Plus, your fans can click on the players to go to your website to shop securely using their credit card, debit card, or PayPal account. All music sales go directly into your PayPal account and are commission-free!

With Bandzoogle’s music players, you can:

  • Sell digital albums, EPs, and individual tracks commission-free

  • Add lyrics to each song

  • Set custom preview clips

  • Set the price

  • Offer free downloads

  • Offer free downloads in exchange for an email address

  • Let fans pay what they want

  • Report sales to SoundScan (Pro members)

  • Accept album pre-orders (Pro members)

  • Offer sale prices on albums & songs (Pro members)

  • Easily share albums & songs to Facebook and Twitter

  • Embed a music player on any website that allows HTML code 

Build your own website in minutes and start selling your music commission-free with Bandzoogle. Sign up free now!