[VIDEO] How to sell music online with Bandzoogle Part 4- Download Codes

In Part 1 of this series, we showed you how to sell Digital Albums. Part 2 was about selling CDs & Vinyl Records. And Part 3 covered selling band merch through your website.

With Part 4, we show how easy it is to create download codes for your music through your Bandzoogle website. You can print them as stickers, or save the codes as a file and print your own download cards to sell at live shows. Download codes are also integrated with the mailing list, so you can send out email blasts with a built-in free track in just a few clicks!

With Bandzoogle’s music players, you can:

  • Create download codes (Pro members)

  • Sell digital albums, EPs, and individual tracks

  • Add lyrics to each song

  • Set custom preview clips

  • Set the price

  • Offer free downloads

  • Offer free downloads in exchange for an email address

  • Let fans pay what they want

  • Report sales to SoundScan (Pro members)

  • Accept album pre-orders (Pro members)

  • Offer sale prices on albums & songs (Pro members)

  • Easily share albums & songs to Facebook and Twitter

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ernest muro
Posted by ernest muro on Aug 13 2015 11:31 PM
I am interested, but i'm still researching