Upgrade complete!

Whew! We've finally finished upgrading the system. About 40% of the "guts" are brand new! This upgrade adds some major new features right now, but more importantly, opens the door for us to add some crazy new stuff this year.

Here are some of the new features:

  • the system now builds individual files for each of your pages. Previously, your page was created "on the fly" by pulling info from a database.
  • this makes search engines able to surf through all your pages, increasing your search engine position (it could take a few weeks for this to start working).
  • fans also can bookmark specific pages now. Its much easier to link to a page now as well - pages are named the same as the button (for example if your button is called bio, the page is called bio.cfm)
  • traffic stats will finally accurately show which pages and images are most popular
  • because your site no longer waits for the database to get the info, pages display around 300% faster! ( the flip side is that changing templates or adding features will take a second longer )
  • instead of JPGs, the graphics builder now creates PNG files. PNG are much higher quality... you'll notice right off the bat that your headers are sharper (assuming you feed the system high quality images to begin with!)
  • PNGs have things like transparency, which gives our graphic designers much more flexibility when making new templates. Expect some cool stuff from them soon.
  • we've added optional sub menus for your buttons. You can make sub pages appear when you roll over a button.
  • if you are web savvy you can now "skin" all the page features using CSS. That's right, you can now write your own CSS style sheet. With style sheets, you can add new page backgrounds, add scroll bars to news, change positioning and more!
  • we've removed all graphics from the control panel, so you'll find it is a lot quicker to get around in.

Because this is such a huge upgrade, we expect that there will be some kinks to work out. If you run into any problems, please let us know ASAP by filling out a help request.

Thanks for all your support so far, good stuff is in store in the new year!