Operazoogle - 3 Reasons Why Bandzoogle is the Perfect Website Platform for Opera Singers

As some of you may know, my background is in opera. I have trained as an operatic tenor for the past 10 years, and, believe it or not, am not the only member of the support staff who is a trained opera singer. Evening support technician extraordinaire David is also an opera singer, as well as original Bandzoogle programmer Eli (but both are of the lower voiced, bass-baritone variety).

Now, we have performers from all sorts of genres at Bandzoogle - bluegrass, rock, metal, hip hop...Well, I could go on for a long time. Aside from my own genre’s representation on the support team, we do have a few members from the opera scene, and today I want to talk about the three main reasons Bandzoogle is awesome for opera singers.

  1. Quick Updates

    Opera singing is a hugely time consuming vocation. Between vocal coachings, lessons, auditions, and learning roles in multiple languages, it is hard to find the time to spare for a website, and that is probably the reason many opera singers don’t have a website yet. But whether you have the time or not, you do need one. Bandzoogle has you covered there!

    You can easily get your bio updated on the fly in a text feature, add new images from your productions in a Gallery feature, add any video you procure in a Youtube feature, and show off your upcoming gigs in an Event feature. Having these updates easily available means you can spend more time at the piano practicing your German for that upcoming production of Götterdämmerung.

  2. Easy to upload music (and commission free sales!)

    Opera singers are often required to submit recordings for young artist programs, competitions, and bursaries. Since you already have that music recorded, why not upload it to your website? This is a great way to get you more exposure on the web, and it also means if a prospective employer looks you up on Google, they can find examples of you singing right away.

    Beyond that, you could actually consider selling those recordings, right on your site. Bandzoogle doesn’t take any commission of your sales, and it could net you some extra money while you pursue those hard to find gigs. Most opera singers chase down gigs and auditions as much as possible, but don’t approach the idea of making some money on their own. Selling your recordings on your site is a great start!

  3. Fan Connection

    Another aspect of the music business that opera singers tend to overlook is connecting personally with their fans. Indie musicians build their reputation and fame by making their fans an integral part of their business. Having a solid fan base means more people are coming out to your shows, talking about you, and doing promotion for you.

    Using Bandzoogle, you can start connecting with your audience on a more personal level. Using a Mailing List Sign Up feature, you can start collecting fans’ email addresses, and contacting them regularly with news and updates. You can also start blogging directly from your site to keep your fans coming back to read about what you’re up to. Indie musician survival guides are very popular, so why not get an Indie opera singer survival guide gaining momentum on your site?

These are just a few of the many reasons I think Bandzoogle is an awesome platform for opera singers. How about you, Zooglers? Any opera singers out there that have some advice to share for a classical music centric site? Or just want to discuss the MET’s controversial production of Tosca that premiered to all those boos a few years ago? Chime in below, and check out of some of the great opera singers that are already using Bandzoogle for their websites:





Matias Mariani
Posted by Matias Mariani on Jan 25 2013 1:44 AM
First of all, thank you so much guys for including my website. Having a website has helped me tremendously in getting exposure. Not only I've gotten a few gigs from it, but I've been able to reach an audience outside the U.S! Of course, bandzoogle made it a breeze for me to set up and easy to maintain! Thank you!
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