New Website Theme: Portside

Music website theme: Portside

We’ve just added another new website template - the simple and sleek Portside! It’s the perfect theme to showcase your music and events, with a player up front and lots of space for your content.

Be Square

This theme features a large, square image area on your landing page, where you can use a professionally taken headshot or your album art. A high quality Instagram image will work well here too. You can adjust the height of this image in the Theme Designer if you want to crop the square area.

The inner pages feature content only, so you have lots of room to create a perfect music page, or craft a great band bio page with text and images.

A Little Music on the Side

Portside also includes a sidebar that puts your music front and center! The site wide player features a modern style and sits above the menu. Your fans will see it right away, making it easy for them to click play or buy a track. Want to focus on your menu only? Just remove the site wide music player feature.

To see this theme in action, check out the Portside video:

Vertical Menu

To switch things up a bit, this template has the navigation on the left hand side. Your page names will appear here, under the music player. The sidebar menu stays in place as fans scroll down.

Choose your own colors

Portside band website theme color variations

There are 6 variations of this theme, each with its own color palette, so you can pick and go with any of them. You can also edit any variation further by adding some more customization in the Theme Designer.

To change up the default look, you can adjust the menu background color, site title color, content font, menu and submenu text color, page background color, and more.

Add a logo in the top left corner, try different fonts, change up the size and color of your social media icons - the sky’s the limit!

More animation

To give this theme an even more modern feel, we’ve added a few animations. Hovering over any menu item will show a quick moving underline. Because the main image fills the screen, there is a ‘scroll down’ option, letting your visitors know that there is content beneath the photo.

If that ‘scroll down text’ isn’t quite right for you, you can toggle it off in the Theme Designer.

You can also create a slideshow of images on your landing page, giving it some motion.

Mobile responsive theme

Like with all of our website templates, Portside is fully mobile responsive and adapts to any screen size, from phones to tablets. You can preview how it will look in the Theme Designer directly.

Choose a new theme by genre

Bandzoogle website theme chooser by music genre

We’ve also added a new theme chooser to help you switch up your designs with ease! And you can now filter by genre to get an idea of which theme might suit your music best. Remember, you can change your theme at any time!

You can save your themes and publish when you are ready. With the new theme chooser, it’s easy to check out the different variations as a base to customize from!

Create a modern, mobile-ready website in minutes using the new Portside theme. Try Bandzoogle free now!


Hufschmid Guitars
Posted by Hufschmid Guitars on Jul 1 2016 3:42 AM
Pretty cool, I was waiting for that one ! However I've already found a bug, if you check my website you will notice that you will have to refresh the page in order for the menu to appear so people might start thinking that there is no menu on the website.....
Posted by Desi on Jul 1 2016 8:54 AM
@Hufschmid Guitars, I'm reaching out through the Help tab of your account to assist with this!
Beats By Ced
Posted by Beats By Ced on Jul 1 2016 10:48 AM
Great Imma use this when I get other site back up
Hufschmid Guitars
Posted by Hufschmid Guitars on Jul 1 2016 11:30 AM
@Desi Looks like its working now, thank you !
Posted by Rezlow on Jul 20 2016 4:24 PM
Can we have the sidebar nav fixed so as the viewer scrolls down the webpage the menu is always visible, please? Thanks
Posted by Rezlow on Jul 20 2016 4:28 PM
I just read this above "The sidebar menu stays in place as fans scroll down." - this isn't working.
Posted by Melanie on Jul 27 2016 11:18 AM
Hey @Rezlow, it depends on your menu. If you have menu items that extend off the page, your whole website will scroll so they can all be seen. If you have menu items that are all visible, the sidebar will stay docked. Hope that makes sense!
Martin Craig Music
Posted by Martin Craig Music on Aug 27 2016 1:13 PM
I've switched to it & it's great, but it looks like the colour of the white 'scroll down' text can't be changed. I'd like it to match the sidebar text, partly because the white is hard to see against light areas in my main image. Otherwise: fab!
Posted by Desi on Aug 27 2016 2:20 PM
@Martin Craig Music, it's not currently an option to change the color of that text, but I'll pass along the request that this is something you're interested in in the future!