New Website Theme: Meridian

Musician Website Theme: Meridian

Looking to change things up and give your band website a fresh look? Our new Meridian theme is stylish, mobile-ready, and full of customization options.

Full-width header with style

Mobile ready band website theme

This modern music template has a full width area at the top for your main image. Add a press kit picture, a texture, or try a stock image to set the tone. You can adjust the height to show more or less of your image.

To give your main title text a polished look, there is a diamond shape behind it. This can be switched off if you don’t want to display it, or you can change the color to match your look.

You can also add your own logo in that space, set your title to be all caps or not, and edit the color of your header text.

Overlay options

Looking to jazz up your website? Check out the color filter options to make your image stand out! You can turn on the color photo filter to give your header image a tinge of any color you want.

Then, click the Photo color filter mode to try out the different effects.

There is also the option to use a filter called photo dust, which adds a vintage look to your image. It’s a subtle and interesting effect to give your image some visual interest.

Watch this video to see this theme in action:

Content Customization

The content area of this template includes a diagonal shape at the bottom of your header image. It gives the theme a unique look. If you’d rather have a simple, straight edge under your image, that’s an option as well.

Using a feature title is a great way to break up your content. This makes a layout that’s pleasing and scannable. You can toggle the feature title decoration on, or off.

To better match the colors of your main image, you can change the color of the content area itself. Create a black and white version of the theme, or choose bright and bold colors to emphasize your style of music.

Choose your own style

There are three variations to choose from as a starting point to fully customize your design. You can pick the default cream version, a muted grayscale version with a pop of red, or a blue variation.

Depending on your style of music, you can pick whichever one works, then adjust the colors, font, color overlay, and more! With each theme, the colors currently in use, as well as the previous colors used will display in the color picker, making it easy for you to match.

The Meridian theme offers lots of color choices to make your band website truly unique. You can try it on for size in the Theme Designer, without it affecting your content and layout. Hope you enjoy this brand new theme!

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Hufschmid Guitars
Posted by Hufschmid Guitars on Aug 16 2016 3:25 AM
This one is the best ! :)
Posted by on Aug 25 2016 6:01 AM
There's no better musician website company out there. Bar none the best! i think about 6 years on with you guys and very satisfied! Thank you.
Posted by MICHAEL "BIG DOG" MURPHY on Aug 25 2016 7:08 AM
Benn hanging with you cats for many years, and you just keep getting better!!