New: Two GigSalad features to help your band get booked

Bandzoogle GigSalad integration

As any musician knows, performing live is one of the best ways to make money, especially when it comes to private events. GigSalad is a service that connects bands and musicians to top-notch live show opportunities in the U.S. and Canada.

Over a million event planners and talent buyers have used GigSalad to find entertainment for their events. It’s a great service to get your band booked for private gigs like weddings, birthday parties, holiday parties, corporate events, and more.

To help you get more of those bookings right from your website, we’ve integrated GigSalad’s quote form to take booking requests, and a list of reviews to show off what your clients are saying!

Check out this video to see how the GigSalad features work:

Booking Quote Form

To add your GigSalad Quote form, click Add feature and choose GigSalad Quote Form. Place it in your page content, then simply add your GigSalad PromoKit URL or username. This will make your Quote form appear on your website. People interested in booking you can quickly fill it out to request a quote, without ever leaving your website.

GigSalad Quote form

Client Reviews

Adding a few reviews about your past performances shows how professional you are. It can also help encourage people checking out your website to consider booking you.

You can add your reviews with just a couple of clicks! Press Add Feature and then paste in your GigSalad PromoKit URL or username.

You can select from 1 to 4 reviews to display on your page. The reviews include the text and star rating, right from your GigSalad account.

GigSalad Quote form

Mobile-friendly and styled to match your design

Both of these features will style to match your current design instantly. They have a transparent background, and use the text and link colors set in the Theme Designer.

You can add these features to any page, and use one or the other, or both. You can also place them side by side if you’d like. As with all of our features, they look great on mobile devices!

We hope you enjoy these integrated GigSalad features, and they help you book more gigs! Try out the new GigSalad features today!

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Ted Yoder
Posted by Ted Yoder on Jun 14 2016 1:31 AM
Very awesome guys. I've been with Gigsalad for almost a year and I love their format and what they bring to the table. They're an excellent partner to booking gigs. Thanks Bandzoogle for continuing to look out for us and making things better and more interactive.
Posted by Robert on Jun 14 2016 2:05 AM
Seems its only available to USA residence!
Posted by Adam on Jun 14 2016 2:18 AM
@Robert - unfortunately at the moment, Gigsalad accounts are only available to residents of Canada and the United States. Sorry about that!
Next Exit
Posted by Next Exit on Jun 14 2016 3:07 AM
What am I missing? I pay for services like this to market my band so prospective clients can find us. If they have made their way to our website on their own, why would I want to advertise for GigSalad and risk the prospect going to the GigSalad site to bid us out?
Clint Taft & the Buck Wild Band
Posted by Clint Taft & the Buck Wild Band on Jun 14 2016 4:01 PM
Exactly! When prospective clients send a quote request through GigSalad from my website it goes to other bands to bid.
Posted by SILVERADO on Jun 15 2016 8:22 PM
Don't like this!
Kevin Van Sant - Jazz Guitarist
Posted by Kevin Van Sant - Jazz Guitarist on Jun 15 2016 9:03 PM
I'm glad I am not alone in thinking this has no value to us. Why would I have clients who are at my website directed to book me through gigsalad where the request then gets sent to competitors as well AND I'd have to pay a booking fee to gigsalad. Why in the world is this supposed to be good for anyone besides gigsalad? I'd like to see a response to this question from Bandzoogle staff
Dave Cool
Posted by Dave Cool on Jun 15 2016 10:24 PM
Next Exit, Clint Taft, Silverado, Kevin Van Sant: Sorry to hear that you guys don't like the feature. We have many Bandzoogle members who are also GigSalad members who are using this integration to streamline the booking process, and for the widgets to look better on their sites. It's an optional feature, and if you feel it brings no value to your own career, you can of course keep using our regular Custom mail form / Contact forms to take booking requests directly. They're a company that many of our members (and even Bandzoogle staff) have used to successfully book gigs. We really like their platform and the people working there, so we decided to integrate some of their tools directly, like we have with Bandsintown, Bandcamp, PledgeMusic and others. This is just one of many new features we're releasing this year, hopefully you guys will find more value in the next ones. Cheers, Dave -- Dave Cool Director, Artist & Industry Outreach Bandzoogle
Ted Yoder
Posted by Ted Yoder on Jun 16 2016 5:26 PM
Guys and gals, I think you're misunderstanding how this widget interacts with your site. I just talked with GS about it and they confirmed what I thought. When you load the widget it asks for your GS URL and username so when they request a quote it's coming right to you not going to 5 other bands who are in the same categories as you. This come to you personally just like if someone click on your profile page on GS and sent you a quote from there. Besides, if there already on your site, they probably want you already. They're done searching and now they just need a quote. It's really quote nice. I think it makes us look more professional to have a "booking company" to ask for quotes through rather than contacting us through a simple form.
Kevin Van Sant - Jazz Guitarist
Posted by Kevin Van Sant - Jazz Guitarist on Jun 18 2016 12:25 AM
I"ve been using Gigsalad for years, I agree it's a useful service. BUT it is a service for people to find me who perhaps otherwise wouldn't have. If they are already on my bandzoogle hosted site why would I want them to book me through GS which would cost me a middleman booking fee?? It's completely unnecessary and devoid of value to add a middle man to a transaction that doesn't need one. IMO this is about Bandzoogle and GS scratching each others backs more than it is about being of any use to bandzoogle's customers. How about a freaking volume control on the BZ player instead???
Posted by Adam on Jun 18 2016 12:42 AM
@Kevin Van Sant - Jazz Guitarist - as David mentioned earlier, we have a lot of members who use the Gigsalad service who were looking for better integration with their sites here. We had enough call for this that we decided to dedicate the developer resources to build the features, and we even reached out to Gigsalad to make adjustments on their end to make these work even better for our members. In terms of volume control on the player, we have had some request for this from members, and I see this has already been noted in the community. If you have suggestions like this or for other features, feel free to post your suggestions there - the more call we have for a feature, the more likely we'll build it!
Next Exit
Posted by Next Exit on Jun 18 2016 5:14 PM
I've booked 57 shows using Gigmasters over the years and am a "free member" of Gigsalad, which frankly has considerable limitations when trying to book using the free membership, but that's a story for another day. BZers, Just realize by using this "feature" you're introducing 3 barriers to prospective clients. 1 - As mentioned, they've already found you, so why complicate the process and confuse your brand by needlessly introducing a 3rd party. They may stick with you.... or they may google "gigsalad" and realize they have access to 20 other bands by filling out a similar form. 2 - There is a 5% fee associated with booking via Gigsalad. The client or you are paying this so you are either eating this fee and taking less for the gig, or passing additional fees to the customer. I am fine with this as it's just the cost of marketing. In this case, however, you've done all the marketing. Why pay a fee for a booking form when you you can make one yourself on bandzoogle. 3 - Reviews are great, but Gigsalad, not you, are ultimately in control of those reviews. Our band is extremely organized, respectful, and provides a great value for what we do. Still, there's always the possibility someone isn't completely satisfied. As such, I'd rather be in control of any review process and solicit these reviews myself and THEN direct them to Gigsalad, or another review site. Better yet, I direct them to my guestbook, or ask them to be a reference. We've actually repurposed our guestbook for reviews and I repost excerpts from emails (100+ of these), Gigsalad reviews, and gigmasters reviews and other comments I find around the web about us. Again, I use these types of services and they certainly have their place. Before integrating on your site though, Just think about if you want to be both their marketing department and a customer by paying $50 for every $1,000 booked for the privilege.
Kevin Van Sant - Jazz Guitarist
Posted by Kevin Van Sant - Jazz Guitarist on Jun 21 2016 5:06 AM
@Next Exit Exactly! it makes no sense to market yourself with a website, and then voluntarily and completely unnecessarily involve a 3rd party in any bookings with clients who found you through said website. That would be like selling a car to an individual through craigslist but then asking a used car dealership if you could give them 5% to middleman the transaction.
Amadeus Rock Band
Posted by Amadeus Rock Band on Jul 12 2016 5:16 AM
I think there are valuable concerns here over this , I don't understand this one though' then you are sending potential clients to 20 more bands and your clients may change their mind'. If this happens to you on GS , it will happen on gigmaster, bandzoogle, or any other platform, the problem isn't with a platform adding third party features. Music market is as any other market, needs constant research and needs a lot of work to be the first choice and get a market share. No way around it. The middleman fee, I can agree this can be valid for many , but personally when I gig I totally put my soul into it and deliver big time, so the way I look at it is that if a client would not pay this extra 5% then it is not worth it, remember that building a good clientele is as important as building a good team, good show etc. However you see it , I think it is great to have the option, if you are getting overbooked, this can be very useful.