New fonts added to library!

Along with new designs, we will now be adding new fonts to your library regularly. Here is a snapshot of the new fonts you can find in the Design & Options tab under Change Font. Enjoy!

Note: Standard and Pro members can upload their own fonts in the My Fonts tab.


The Coyote
Posted by The Coyote on May 5 2010 5:03 PM
Very nice. Are these for our web pages, our e-mails, or both?
Posted by TWANG on May 5 2010 6:09 PM
how do I get to the my fonts tab?
34 Piper Crescent, Kanata Ontario
Posted by 34 Piper Crescent, Kanata Ontario on May 5 2010 6:29 PM
Hi guys, These fonts are available for your header text, feature titles, and buttons. The My Fonts tab is available in the Design & Options tab under Change Font when you have selected a template.
Abby Feferman Music
Posted by Abby Feferman Music on May 6 2010 7:56 PM
Those fonts are really nice and I can't wait to try them out on my website! Thank you so much! :)
Chris Webb Music
Posted by Chris Webb Music on May 7 2010 12:26 AM
Sweet! More Fonts!
Posted by WWW.QUIETSTORMBEATZ.COM on May 10 2010 10:02 PM
Mark Telesca
Posted by Mark Telesca on May 10 2010 11:04 PM
Zemer Levav
Posted by Zemer Levav on May 12 2010 6:08 AM
I like! Can you add Zapfino and Papyrus? two of my favorites!
Abby Feferman Music
Posted by Abby Feferman Music on May 12 2010 4:57 PM
Is there a way in which we can import and use fonts we create or purchase or find on other websites? I honestly don't know how to do that and don't know if that's possible, but if it is possible, is there a way to do that? Or are we only able to use fonts that Bandzoogle provides? Just wondering. Honestly, I'm very happy with Bandzoogle and all of your fonts, just wondering. Hope this makes sense. Thank you! You guys are the best! :)
Allison S
Posted by Allison S on May 12 2010 9:12 PM
Abby - Currently you can upload custom fonts if you are on the Standard or Pro plan. This option is available to those using a standard template by going to the design & Options tab by clicking Add/Edit font, then Custom fonts. Please note that custom fonts aren't available in the Custom Style Editor, but will be added in a future update.
Posted by FAIYA on May 23 2010 2:13 PM
Good choices! The new fonts will definitely be put to use...i've been an official member for 1 day now, and i LOVE it!!!
Scott Steele
Posted by Scott Steele on Jul 9 2010 8:10 PM
Can you look at adding BLEEDING COWBOY Font....its widely used in the Country Music Industry and since we are using Custom Style Editor do not have the ability to add custom fonts. Thank you!
Posted by HOT ARTTT on Jul 12 2015 5:01 AM
Is it possible to add our own font for the content section?
Posted by Desi on Jul 12 2015 8:07 AM
@HOT ARTTT, I've responded through your help inquiry!