New Design Option: Styled Buttons

New Design Option: Styled Buttons for your band website

We’re excited to share another design update! Now, you can customize the style of your website’s buttons all on their own.

Customize the colors

Customize button colors on your band website

Rather than taking on your link color, you can now set a custom color for your buttons, and the color shown when a visitor hovers over the button. To do it, head over to your website theme designer and scroll down on the left side to get to the Buttons section.

Click on the circle to change the color and hover color. In the color palette, your previous color choices show (to make matching easy), but you can now choose any color you’d like.

Change the shape and style

Custom shapes for buttons on your band website

With the new button options, you can also change the shape of your buttons! From the play button to your mailing list signup button, clicking on Square (rectangle with square corners), Round (rectangle with rounded corners), or Pill (oblong pill shape) will change their shape.

To further customize your button, try changing the style from solid to outline! This will remove the solid fill, and show your background through the button. This modern option will give clean lines to any shape you choose.

These options control all of the buttons on your site. So no matter how you decide to customize them, the buttons will have a consistent look throughout your band’s website.

Check out this video for a quick walkthrough on how to change your buttons:

We hope you enjoy this design update and have fun adding these modern options to your buttons and forms. Try out the new button styles today!

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Meghan Morrison
Posted by Meghan Morrison on Sep 22 2016 11:08 AM
Awesome! Thank you :)
Rebellion Dogs Publishing
Posted by Rebellion Dogs Publishing on Sep 23 2016 9:08 AM
The button feature is great. Just a question; can the text be changed? The options for rectangle with square corners, rectangle with rounded corners or oblong pill shape + a solid to outline style (That's great), but can you change the text? In my case I'd like to download different formats of eBook files, (ePUb, mobi, PDF) but bands might like also use these buttons for merch or tickets or singles instead of LPs. Let me know, if the text can be changed, that would be a compelling feature.
Posted by Desi on Sep 23 2016 9:10 AM
@Rebellion Dogs Publishing, we're reaching out through your Help tab for more on this!