Musicians: 5 tips for developing your personal blogging voice

You have a website, great! But now you may be wondering how to get people to visit more than once right? I’m gonna tell you the secret right now…. FREE MONEY!! Wait, no… sorry I got a little excited there. Ok, ok, but the real secret to getting fans coming back to your site over and over is through - consistent personalized content.

Your goal should be to add something new to your website at least once a week (if not more often.) You may be worried thinking, “Who can pump out new music and videos every week?” Not many, but what you can add every week is news, images, and stories. Best of all, this is easy to do with our built-in Blog feature.

Adding new blog content is simple but it does take a little practice to make it stand out. This is where developing your personal blogging tone and voice is necessary. Here are 5 tips to help you get started:

  1. Speak your message to text- A great way to keep your voice as authentic as possible is just to speak what you want your blog post to say. You can do this with a free online dictation program such as Most mobile phones now have speak to text options in text message or notes apps also. This approach helps you to not get bogged down with grammar, punctuation, or format. Don’t censor yourself, just talk. Then when you have what you want, you can copy and paste the text to the blog and modify it where you’d like.

  2. Write it out on paper - Typing your text right into the blog feature is easy, but sometimes writing it out makes a difference with your tone. Sit down with a pen and paper and write like you’re writing a letter to a good friend. If words aren’t coming out right, stop. Think about what specifically you are trying to say. What do you want the reader to know? Then write it out as you have it in your head.

  3. Be conversational  - Sometimes you’ll read a blog and the author’s words seem to flow so effortlessly. This is usually because they have honed their blogging voice. It might make you want to mimic them, but don’t. It will be much better to find your own voice so visitors get to know you and not something you’ve tried to copy. If you use slang when you talk, include it in your writing. If you cuss (and are comfortable with it), let it rip in your posts. If there are certain catch-phrases you’re known to say, type it in your message. Just make sure it sounds like you and people will get to know your blogging voice as they do your speaking voice.

  4. Split the blog duties - If you’re a band, a great way to keep current is to split the blog posting duties. You can have your singer post this week, then your bass player the next, and so on. If you are a 4-member band, this would only require each member to post once a month, which relieves some pressure. This also allows your fans to experience each band members blogging voice and as a group. That said, if certain band members are notorious for skipping out on their posts, it’s better to have someone in the group make sure something gets posted. It’s better to be consistent, than to try and mix it up with the various band posts.

  5. Add videos - What better way to add your voice to your blog than by doing it literally. Adding a video message to your blog instantly connects you to your visitor because they can see you, hear you and relate to you. Videos are also great for drawing new visitors to your site as well. You can speak your message, sing your message, play music, recite your lyrics, or a variety of other video blog (Vlog) ideas. 

These 5 tips for finding your blogging voice should get the ball rolling. Need some ideas on what to blog about? Check out our post 13 Topics That Musicians Can Easily Blog About

The most important thing to remember is that consistency is key. If your fans you know you're talking, they’ll be back to listen.

Can you think of any other ways to make your blogging voice stand out?