Musician Website Quick Fix #12: Add a Favicon

Most Internet users probably don't give much thought to favicons, but it's a great way to add a touch of individuality to your website and take your own branding just one little step further. So what is a favicon anyways? Also called a favorites icon, a favicon is the little image that shows up in 3 places in your web browser.

Next to your domain name:

In the tab, if you use tabbed browsing (and lots of us do nowadays!)

And, in the bookmark menu when someone bookmarks your page.

If your favicon is unique and visually appealing, it'll stand out, making it easy to find when someone has lots of tabs open, or lots of pages saved in a bookmarks menu.



How to make a great favicon

Keep it simple

Favicons are 16px wide by 16px tall. That's pretty tiny, so don't worry about including text or lots of detail. A logo or simple image is probably best. When you're creating yours, just make sure it's using square dimensions (same size wide as it is tall).

Make it meaningful

If you don't have a logo, try creating an image that relates to you in some way. Maybe a tiny version of your latest CD, or your initials. If you want to use an interesting shape, create your favicon with a transparent background and save it as a .png file.

Now put it to use on your Bandzoogle website!

Once your image is ready, click on your Design and Options tab, then Favorites icon. You'll see a browse button to click and locate the file on your computer. You can upload your image file directly, and we'll convert it to a .ico file (the file type for all favicons) and scale it down to the right size. And that’s all there is to it! Try adding one to your website today.





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