Musician website love: Valorie Miller

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Who: Valorie Miller
What: Singer, Songwriter
Where: Sheville, North Carolina
Why her website rocks: There is too much to say about this site! Visually stunning, and extremely well layed out, and INTERESTING.  Valorie's site contains more media than text, filtering out all the jargon to showcase what is needed to make a good impression on visitors to her site. Solid testimonials, awards, impressive bio, she has it all. Valorie's site is also great example of how much flexibility the Bandzoogle custom website builder offers. 
Check it out at:



Posted by on Sep 23 2012 2:12 PM
:agree: WOW! This looks amazing!
Mount Fabric
Posted by Mount Fabric on Sep 23 2012 4:27 PM
I'd love to know how to move the menu to the side like that... Any tips BZ?
Posted by b on Sep 23 2012 4:50 PM
I really love this layout. Great job.
Sky Bishop
Posted by Sky Bishop on Sep 23 2012 5:10 PM
Whoah, beautiful site! Very pro, love it!:)
Dave Turner singer-songwriter and pianist
Posted by Dave Turner singer-songwriter and pianist on Sep 24 2012 4:31 PM
Thanks, Stacey, for featuring Valorie's site on "website love." I want to emphasize that Bandzoogle is GREAT (the best website solution in the world for musicians) because anybody can build a lovely website on their own with no outside help. Additionally the flexibility allows one to take customization to the next level if you have graphic design expertise and tools (Adobe Creative Suite) and knowledge of HTML and CSS, and how to use Google Feedburner and ArtistData and Networked Blogs to create the newsfeeds and show info within the Bandzoogle site--as well as integrate with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Valorie is a good friend and touring mate, and she hired me to create this site for her. In addition to my musical endeavors I am also a website designer and copywriter, editor...and a big fan of Bandzoogle and the flexibility of the custom design feature. There are many ways to build websites out there (Wordpress, etc.) but for musicians (and other types of arts-related and indie businesses) Bandzoogle's overall platform is really the best because of its flexibility and so many built-in features. MountFabric - to create the menu on Valorie's site, I built a table in the text feature in the control panel, along with HTML mouseover code...and then created the graphics for each button in Photoshop. Each graphic is in a separate cell within a 150px wide vertical table. I also used tables to vary the width of the columns outside of the default equal-width, two-column format in the BZ control panel. I've built several websites for artists/music-related businesses using Bandzoogle -,,, and others (including my own two sites)... As I said, Bandzoogle in and of itself gives artists the ability to create fantastic sites on their own with no outside help - that's the whole point of the service (again, the best solution by far for indie artists). But if you want a greater degree of customization than you can do yourself, I can help. More info at -Dave Turner
Mount Fabric
Posted by Mount Fabric on Sep 24 2012 5:56 PM
Thanks Dave, I'll give it a whirl!
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