Musician Website Love: Steve Strongman

Every week, we highlight one of our favorite websites on Bandzoogle.  Steve Strongman - Photo Courtesy Matthew Barnes

Who: Steve Strongman
What: Blues Guitarist / Singer-songwriter
Where: Hamilton, ON, Canada
Why his website rocks: We love a few things about Steve’s website. He uses some great professional photos to make several strong custom header images throughout his website, and makes those photos available to download in hi-resolution in his Press/Media section. But we also love that he keeps his News page up to date, including letting his fans know that he won 3 Maple Blues Awards this week in Toronto. Congrats Steve!

Check out his site at:



Marshall Creative Group
Posted by Marshall Creative Group on Jan 30 2013 1:22 AM
How did he do a new background for each page like that? The custom style editor does not let me do that.
The Maniac Agenda
Posted by The Maniac Agenda on Jan 30 2013 4:36 AM
The pictures on his site are nice and good for the media especially with his downloadable presskit - however I feel it is very wordy and overwhelming first impression for new viewers with all the text. This also makes no call to action really highlighted. The videos is a nice touch. Finally I feel there is no incentives to join his email list, but overall very beautiful site.
Dave Cool
Posted by Dave Cool on Jan 30 2013 7:17 PM
@JOneProductions Here is what Steve Strongman did for his site: The image of the text “Steve Strongman” is uploaded to his header section. Then, he has a different background picture on every page using this method:
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