Musician Website Love (10th Anniversary Edition): The Many Websites of Delaney Gibson

Every week, we highlight one of our favorite websites on Bandzoogle. For the month of October we’re featuring some of our original members to help celebrate our 10th Anniversary!

Who: Delaney Gibson 
What: Confessional-Theatrical-Pop Songstress
Where: Ventura, CA
Why her website(s) rock: Delaney Gibson has been using Bandzoogle for 9 years. And for almost as long as Delaney has been a member, we’ve featured her website on our examples page.  

During that time, she has designed many (many!) beautiful websites, taking full advantage of the easy design tools and customization options that Bandzoogle offers.

Has Delaney changed her website again?!” has become a running joke with our design team, as we have to continually update the screenshot of her website.

But it highlights what’s great about Bandzoogle: you can change your design anytime with just a few clicks, and as often as you want. Your content won’t be affected, and it doesn’t cost you anything.

So here are screenshots of just some of the amazing websites that Delaney Gibson has designed. Some of these are custom designs, others use our pre-made themes that she made her own. And all of the sites have fantastic imagery using stunning professional photos.

Starting with her *current site, which can be found at:

*design may have changed by the time you see this!

Thanks for sticking with us for so long Delaney, and here’s to 9 more years and many more website designs.


Ced Wynez
Posted by Ced Wynez on Oct 24 2014 8:38 PM
Peter Brown
Posted by Peter Brown on Feb 25 2015 11:18 AM
Just fun to change the appearance of your website. I do it now and then too.