Musician Website Love (10th Anniversary Edition): Charlie Scopoletti

Every week, we highlight one of our favorite websites on Bandzoogle. For the month of October we’ll be featuring some of our oldest members to help celebrate our 10th Anniversary!

Who: Charlie Scopoletti 
What: Singer/songwriter, Speaker & Two-time cancer survivor
Where: Stamford, CT
Why his website rocks: As with last week’s featured artist Daniel Ghattas, Charlie Scopoletti is one of our original members, signing up in early 2004. 

We love his website for its simple design, and the nice slideshow header on his Homepage, which displays several powerful images. We also love his visual Press page, which shows off some great press quotes he’s received over the years.

More amazingly, Charlie is a two-time cancer survivor, and through his music he has helped raise over $100,000 for charities! Keep doing what you're doing Charlie, and thanks for sticking with us all these years!

Check out Charlie’s site and his full story at: