Musician Website Inspiration: Using custom images for events

Who: Rakeem-Andre

What: Gospel Recording Artist

Where: Boston, MA

Why his website rocks: We've said it before, but having a professional header image really makes a website stand out and Rakeem-Andre's site is no exception. With his large colorful header image it's hard not to want to explore more of his website. Then right up front he adds a nice genre/location one-liner letting you know what to expect.

Scroll down just a little and you'll see that Rakeem-Andre is in high demand! He displays several upcoming dates using our built-in Events feature. He highlights each date with a custom event image, which makes each gig stand out from the next. We love how he not only shows concerts, but other exciting activities like photoshoots, basketball tournaments, and radio interviews. This gives his fans a peek into the life of a gospel recording artist. Well done Rakeem-Andre!

Check out his site at:

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