Musician Website Inspiration: Simple, organized navigation

Who: Jeff Smith

What: Musician, producer, arranger, and teacher

Where: Los Angeles

Why his website rocks: Jeff is multi-talented but keeps his website simple and focused with a clear menu of just 5 options. With all of his projects on the go, he's added a great bio to his Homepage so that his fans or new website visitors will know right away who he is, what he's done, and what he's doing now.

He also clearly lists his services, from beatboxing to bassoonist, on a Services page, and has an Audio/ Video page full of goodies for the ears, to further showcase what he can do. He rounds out the simple menu with an Events page, and a Contact page. Having a clear menu gives his website a super-organized appearance, and also directs visitors with just a few options to make sure they reach all of his content.

Check out his site at:

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