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Music website Mikaela Kahn

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Who: Mikaela Kahn

What: Singer-Songwriter / Alt R&B / Indie Pop

Where: Austin, Texas

Why her website rocks: Everything on Mikaela’s site is put together cohesively, tying into the muted, gorgeous colors of her newly released album. Her Homepage offers music and video, plus a few text tidbits and assorted quotes.

Her design is simple and stellar: using one of our themes that offers a full-width header area, each page has a different header image, and every one of them mimics the same color scheme, with her logo keeping it all consistent.

The rest of the pages are clean and allow her content to do the talking - from the Press page filled with quotes, music, and hi-res images, to her summer songwriting camp page. Lots to look at and listen to, made easy with a beautiful design. Well done!

Check out her excellent website at:

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