How to Sell Sheet Music Through Your Website

Sell Sheet Music Through Your Website

Do you have a stellar ear, and strong transcription skills? Maybe you have lots of sheet music just waiting to find a home. Selling sheet music online is another way to make money from your music, especially if you aren’t releasing a new album in the near future.

Through your Bandzoogle-powered store, you can sell sheet music as pdf files that are automatically delivered to your customer, without losing a commission on the sale!

Plus, you can create a score once, and sell it multiple times, to help generate a steady income stream.

Here are a few ways to sell your sheet music:

Sell Sheet Music Files

Make sure you have a clean copy of your sheet music in PDF format. Then, add a Store feature to your website, and upload the file as a file download.

You’ll get paid right away when your customer’s purchase clears. This happens immediately with credit card payments, and within a week otherwise. They will be sent a file link allowing them to download the sheet music, and this link expires in 5 days.

Amy Lauren has a beautifully laid out sheet music store with examples of her piano music - offering both individual downloads as well as full ebooks of music. 

Piano sheet music

Sell Sheet Music Books

If you have your sheet music bound in a collection of songs, you can add that to your Store as well. Include shipping per item, and once you make a sale, ship out your music books to your customer.

This could be a book of songs from your last album, or arrangements that flow well together as a series (think traditional folk songs, holiday tunes, or hymns).

Sell sheet music folk songs

Sell Sheet Music Bundles

Adding music for multiple voices in an orchestration? Create a bundle that includes the music for every part, and put it on sale for a lower price than the individual pieces combined.

Another fun way to move more music is to bundle your sheet music into an Album feature. Sell your digital album or single, and include the music in PDF format as well. When you make a sale, your customer would get both at once.

Sell Sheet Music bundles

Sell Sheet Music Services

Another way to make money from sheet music is to offer your services to people looking to have music transcribed.

This could be artists wanting to create sheet music for their own songs, arrangements for music ministries, or possibly piano/ vocal scores for music teachers.

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Get your sheet music out there!

Now that you’ve got your sheet music store all set up, you’ll want to entice people to actually buy it! Here are a few tips:

Make sure it looks good: add an image to your Store item.

Make sure it sounds good: include an audio sample of the track or arrangement.

Make sure it’s obvious: add a call-to-action asking people to buy your sheet music right on your Home page.

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Sell Sheet Music Lola Astanova

Selling your sheet music is a great way to make a bit of extra money with your music. Whether it’s versions of your own original compositions, or arrangements, a few pieces of music can go a long way in generating interest and income.

Start selling sheet music on your website now! Try Bandzoogle free today.


Matt Riley
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Good article.
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Posted by Jackie Gage on Feb 22 2016 2:48 PM
Oh man. This is brilliant (and wow this is really obvious; you writing this made the lightbulb go off in my head lol). Thanks Bandzoogle