How to integrate your PledgeMusic Campaign into your band website in seconds

In the small world of web companies that build tools for musicians, PledgeMusic is one of our favourite peers. They’re a platform we always recommend for anyone looking to engage their fans and create personalized fan experiences in funding their next project.

We know the feeling is mutual, as PledgeMusic’s founder and president Benji Rogers has been a Bandzoogle member and advocate himself for many years. (The relationship deteriorated during the last NHL playoffs, as you can see here. But we’re cool now.)

So we’re thrilled to officially announce that we’ve partnered with PledgeMusic in order to make it easy and seamless for Bandzoogle members to add their PledgeMusic campaigns to their websites.

You can already see the integration at work on a wide variety of Bandzoogle-powered websites. From metal legends Queensrÿche, to new and inspiring Haitian project Lakou Mizik, to Brooklyn based songwriter, performer and dancer Kristin Andreassen, and Americana duo Skybound Blue.

Once you’ve built a campaign with PledgeMusic, it’s easy to add it to any page on your website:

Just go to the Pages tab of your Control Panel, select the right page, then:

  • Click Add feature

  • Click PledgeMusic under External

  • Enter your PledgeMusic project URL in the format (a preview of your PledgeMusic project will automatically display under Preview)

  • Click Save

Boom. You’re done. Now all of your PledgeMusic offers will appear with an image and pricing, in a grid format. Clicking on an offer will bring you to the offer on your PledgeMusic page.

So with this new integration, your website becomes an effective tool for your PledgeMusic campaign, which can live right on it with your blog, photo galleries, events calendar, store and mailing list signup form.  You can display your offers on your homepage, on your store page, on a dedicated “PledgeMusic Campaign” page, and even on a landing page (set it to “Intro page”).

Get a professional website with all the tools you need to raise funds and be a successful DIY musician. Easy to build, in just minutes. Try Bandzoogle free now!


Posted by Nevaeh on Dec 5 2014 8:10 PM
I'm glad you showed this, as we were setting up soon with someone else. So when you set up with PM, does it make the icons/pics for the rewards on the bandzoogle page automatically when you integrate?
Posted by Anonymous on Dec 6 2014 8:29 AM
Yes! Exactly.
Posted by Anonymous on Dec 9 2014 10:27 AM
Hi guys We've got this on our homepage now. Couple of points... costs going over £1000 are displaying wrong, and it would be great if you could limit / choose the exclusives to display, but it's a great addition! Thanks. Barney
Dave Cool
Posted by Dave Cool on Dec 10 2014 11:30 AM
Sonic Boom Six: Hey guys, we'll look into that issue with pricing over £1000 right away. And I'll pass on the suggestion to have more control over which offers to display.
Posted by on Mar 31 2015 2:35 PM
Love this. I do wish the icons were smaller. Takes up so much page real estate! Thanks for all you guys do to help indie artists.
Dave Cool
Posted by Dave Cool on Mar 31 2015 3:39 PM We used the Grid layout of our Store feature so it would match, but I'll pass on your feedback. Your site looks great btw! Will pass it along to our whole team.