How to Build a Website for your Recording Studio

Recording studio website

If you're a music producer or engineer looking to book recording sessions and show off your past projects, there are certain elements you can add to your website to make it organized and appealing to potential and current customers.

Key Elements for a Recording Studio Website

Homepage: On your Homepage, have a short bio that touches on your work to date, and include a testimonial from a past client. Providing a few examples to listen to here as well - songs in a site wide music player, or videos - will give potential customers a feel for what you do right off the bat. You can even embed a video tour of your studio, so visitors can see exactly what an experience in your studio would be like!

About: On your About page, you can write out a longer bio, with more details about who you have worked with, your genre or how you work, and some testimonials. If your studio is made up of several producers or engineers, you can place individual bios here. Adding some photos of your studio here as well is a nice touch.

Rates: Adding a page that outlines pricing and what each package includes is a straightforward way to let your potential clients know what you offer at a basic level. Adding a link to contact you, or a custom mail form here can also allow people to contact you for special pricing, or to discuss the project details before confirming a price.

Gear: Here's where you can show off all of your studio swag! Write out the nitty-gritty details about your gear and include photos to help musicians visualize all of the awesome gear they could be using at your studio. You could add a simple photo gallery, or even a slideshow gallery for each category of gear (mics, amps, instruments, etc.)

Clients: The Clients section is where you can highlight all of your best work. List the projects and artists you've worked with, and include music samples/videos for each if you can. Adding testimonials from musicians that you've worked with would be a nice touch, and can help convince potential clients to book your studio.

Contact: A clear Contact page, with a contact form including custom questions about the project is a great way to encourage people to get in touch for more information or to discuss further. You can also include your phone number here for people who want to pick up the phone and ask questions or discuss details. Adding links to your social media pages, another short testimonial, or image here, would look great.

Hidden pages

Music files page: Now we get into the extra pages that a client can access once the project has been finalized and you've started work! With Bandzoogle you can set any page to be a Main page, Subpage, or Not in menu. You can also set any page to be password protected. Adding a password protected page with a File List feature that you can send directly to a client with a password will let them download music files quickly and securely for review.

Payment: After discussing the project and working out details, you can add a Store feature to a page set as not in menu, set an amount for your services, and accept a deposit or final payment via Paypal or a credit card.

Other features to add: Mailing list, Blog

Mailing List: One of the best ways to stay in touch with people is still by email (good thing all Bandzoogle plans include a mailing list!) Consider including an email list signup on your Homepage and Contact page, and give people an incentive to sign up like exclusive offers, discounts, and invites to private events at your studio.

Blog: One way to keep your website content fresh and encourage visitors to come back is by blogging regularly. You can use a blog right on your Homepage to talk about your latest projects, post behind-the-scenes photos and videos from sessions in your studio, and announce new projects, new gear, or special promotions for your studio.

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Be sure to check out these music studio websites for some inspiration - using Bandzoogle for their recording studio website means they’re able to add, and update content and files at any time!

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Jonathan Raphael - Site Oficial
Posted by Jonathan Raphael - Site Oficial on May 14 2015 11:19 AM
Nice post, Melanie! What about a post like "How to build a website for your music-lessons service"? I would love it!
Posted by Melanie on May 14 2015 1:10 PM
Great idea Jonathan! I'll see what I can do!
Posted by jashua on Oct 5 2015 6:01 PM
that is a realy good idea i wont a studio but i am only six
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