How to Build a Piano Teacher Website

How To Build A Piano Teacher Website

Are you looking to grow your piano teaching business? Using a website that's easy to update at any time lets you stay present online, and keep in touch with your current students.

You can also advertise music lessons and workshops, as well as promote your own performances. Let's take a look at how to get a great piano teacher website up and running in minutes!

Key Elements for a Piano Teacher Website


When it comes to piano teacher website design, choosing a simple template works well. Include an image of your piano, sheet music, or a texture. Then place images of yourself, your teaching space, and your students within the content area of your pages for a clean look.

Add a few words about yourself here - how long you have been teaching, where you're located, and what you offer. If you have a video of yourself playing, or of your students in your studio, add that to stream on the page as well.

Piano teacher website

About page

Your About page should list your qualifications in a way that’s informative, yet visually pleasing. Split your page into columns and refer to your resume to add your education and achievements. You can talk about your teaching philosophy here, to give a sense of how you teach to someone who hasn't met you before.

Add a photo of yourself at the piano (either teaching or performing) to give this page visual interest and make you seem approachable.

You can talk about your studio a bit more on this page too, by adding some of your students' achievements and awards.

Piano teacher website design

Events page

Create an Events page for upcoming dates. Include your student recitals here, with details like the location, what time you’d like student to arrive, and the start time.

Also include any of your own performances - students and their parents often love to go see their teacher in a professional setting. It gives them confidence in you, and something to work towards!

Piano teacher website template


Dedicate a page to piano lessons for those first time visitors who want to know more about you, and your teaching style. Describe the type of lessons you offer.

Some things to consider when you create this page:

  • Do you teach children, and if so, what age will you start?
  • Do you accept beginners, or more advanced players?
  • What style do you teach? Classical, jazz, improvisation skills, or all of the above?
  • Do you offer group or private lessons?
  • Do you enter your students into competitions?

List out your fees per 30, 45, and 60 minute lessons, and mention if you offer other options, like one-time lessons, or lessons online.

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Piano teacher lessons

Store page

Piano teachers often have a full plate of students. It never hurts to make some extra money through your website though! Use what you already have to generate a bit of extra income by setting up a Store page, then selling music lessons, or sheet music on your website.

You can also accept payments for clinics, workshops, accompaniment, or lessons, directly on your Store page.

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Contact page

Use a Contact page with a clear form including any information you want to gather about your potential students. Also include your email address and phone number on your Contact page. Many parents or adult students will want to speak to you in person before pursuing lessons.

Multi-purpose website

If you're building a bigger website that also includes other aspects of your career like performance and music composition, take each of these points and condense them onto a page or two in your website's menu.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas on how to build a piano teacher website! Make full use of your pages, and update your content often. This will make it appealing and professional to your students, and should help keep you busy teaching!

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This is an excellent blog post. Very helpful to many people I know and it can apply to voice lessons, too, in addition to other instrumental instruction. We are strong proponents of early music education for kids. It sharpens up our mental abilities and also prepares us for a lifetime as professional musicians, or as people who just love and appreciate music. Thanks, Ernie and Debby Rettino for .
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Thanks for the lovely comment, Ernie and Debbie! Glad you enjoyed the post.
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Look at website its simple in word press .using plugin you can easily develop a website like this and upload your video audio for easily share and people also watch and listen .