How to build a guitar teacher website

How to build a guitar teacher website

Are you looking to grow your guitar teaching business? Convert your website visitors into new customers by building a website that’s informative and attractive.  

On your guitar teacher website, you can advertise music lessons and workshops, as well as promote your own performances. Let’s take a look at how to get your website online with relevant content and a great design!

Key Elements for a Guitar Teacher Website


Choosing a simple template works well for a guitar teacher website, which should focus on content. Simple textures or an image of yourself playing the guitar will work well in the header or background area.

Add a few words about yourself here - how long you have been teaching, where you’re located, and what you offer. If you have a video of yourself playing, or of your students in your studio, add that to stream on the page as well.

Place an image of yourself playing guitar, or your teaching space, within the content area of your page, to the side of your text. This will give the page a more familiar feel while remaining professional.


About / Bio page

Although writing your bio can be tricky, it’s important to convey how qualified you are to teach, and what you have accomplished to date.  

Write out everything you can think of that you’ve done, and then trim it down to include a brief overview of teaching career. Some things to consider: How long have you been teaching? Do you give workshops regularly? What kinds of festivals or performances do your students take part in?

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guitar teacher lessons web template

Events Page

Use a calendar to create an online schedule for recitals, workshops, and other important upcoming events. Within each event, you can add the location, and details like start time and end.

If you plan to give master classes, guitar clinics, or workshops, and want to sell tickets, you can do that as well through the event listing!

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Store page

With the built-in Store feature, you can sell guitar picks, lesson books, practice MP3s, and CDs to your students directly, or even accept payment for lessons on this page.

You can also offer online lessons using tools like Skype or Facetime, and add a discount code to encourage new students to sign up.

guitar teacher lessons

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A frequently asked questions page is a great way to address common concerns and questions up front.  Some things to talk about on this page include:

  • Do you offer 30, 45, and 60 minutes lessons?

  • Do you accept one time students as well as weekly ones?

  • How do you accept payment? (Include a link to your Store page here if you plan to take payment online)

  • What style do you teach? Classical guitar, jazz, cover songs, etc?

  • Do you accept students of any level of ability?

  • Do you offer group lessons, and if so when are the times? (You can add a link to your Events page here if you list out group classes on there).

guitar teacher lessons online


A clear Contact page, usually the last page in your website menu, should be the main way to get in touch with you. Use a custom form for inquiries, and a phone number for people to get in touch. Include your studio hours here as well, so people will know when you are likely to be reachable to discuss lessons.

Single page dedicated to teaching guitar

Many music teachers are also performers who earn money playing music as well as teaching it..

In this case, you can dedicate a page to teaching, then add features to create a condensed version of a music teacher website.  

Jon Hart does a great job of this on his Tuition page, where he includes information about lessons, a few videos, and a contact form.

Jon Hart guitar teacher website

Being an organized guitar teacher is made easier with an online home to advertise lessons, accept payment, and list events. We hope this gives you ideas on how to build a website that will help book more guitar lessons!

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