How to Build a DJ Website

How to build a DJ website

Having a professional website where potential clients can read testimonials, and check out your song list will go a long way in getting you booked. Whether you're an up and coming club artist, or a long-time pro looking to get online, these tips will make it easy for you to start building your DJ website!

DJ website design

One thing that the best DJ websites have in common is a clear content area. You want to be sure that your information reaches your visitors in an organized way.

You can choose from several templates on Bandzoogle that are ideal for DJs, including Surround or Manhattan. Start with featuring a large, eye-catching image to showcase your vibe. Then add your content to a simple, clear content area.

DJ Mini website

Key Elements for a DJ website


The best DJ websites are well-organized, with a funky vibe. Your homepage will set the tone right away. In the content area, include a few sentences introducing yourself, and a music player with a few of your best tracks. Add an instagram feed to spark interest, keeping it colorful and on brand. If you have events to promote, place your upcoming dates on the homepage as well.


Are you a resident DJ anywhere in town? What kind of events do you play at? Adding some history about yourself here will show how long you’ve been in the business. Make sure to note your achievements and what you excel at.

DJ Welly website

Music or Mixes

Do you produce or make music in addition to playing events? Offer your mixes for sale or streaming on a Music page. If you're a DJ that often plays events like weddings, corporate functions, or sporting events, include a song list. You can set one up in 2 columns with the artist name on the left, and the song name on the right. Use a title feature to categorize your list by genre, or by era. This will make your song list easy to scan.

DJ website music page


The services page is one that a lot of visitors will head straight to in order to check out what you offer, and the price. List out the services you offer, and include specifics about the equipment you use.

Add a custom form as well to collect details and provide a customized quote for the event. You can also add a message letting them know you'll respond within 24 hours. After a website visitor submits this form, you'll get an email with the details that you can reply to directly.

Packages page

If you offer bundles or different packages for events, you may want to list these options out in a 2 column layout, on a different page. This could be a totally separate menu item all on it’s own, or it could be a sub-page of your Services page. Add a few photos here of successful past events.

Ottawa Valley DJ

FAQ page

This page will inform your potential customers what you can provide for their event. The more information you give about what you do, the more organized and professional you will come across. If someone is on the fence about hiring you, answering some Frequently Asked Questions will put their minds at ease.

Some questions to address:

Do you provide extras, at what cost? If you are a wedding DJ for example, do you provide lighting, a cordless mic for speeches, or songs between sets? Do you rent out speakers, a stage, or AV equipment on it's own?

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Reviews / Testimonials

Add a reviews page with testimonials from previous customers. There's nothing like the words of a satisfied client to show how trustworthy you are. Do you mostly play weddings, or corporate events? Include quotes that show your ability to get the party started. If you are primarily a club DJ, a few testimonials from club owners or private event bookers can help here.

Dj website testimonials

Client area

Make use of a password protected page to accept client payment. You can give out the url with a password, and list a deposit price, or the full package in a Store feature. It's an easy and quick way to get paid, or to accept partial payment in advance for bigger events.

Page for local vendors that you work with

Make mention of vendors that you’ve worked with and trust. This could be audio visual companies that provide sound, wedding photographers, or event planning companies. You could add links or logos on a Links page, or as part of your Services page.

This can help your website for a few reasons. It shows that you're well connected in the community, and that you work well with others. Plus, these other companies may return the favor, by linking to your website or suggesting you for work.

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We hope this post was helpful! Setting up a professional DJ website is a great way to get more opportunities, and more bookings. Good luck!

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