How to add music to your Facebook Page using Bandzoogle's embeddable player

How to add music to your Facebook Page using Bandzoogle's embeddable player

Facebook is a great way to connect with fans, so it’s important to offer the content they’re looking for on your Facebook page!

We recently launched embeddable music players, which offer a direct way to share your music to the news feed of your Facebook. But did you know that you can use the embed code to create a music tab on your Facebook page?

Using the Bandzoogle embeddable players can help you sell more music by having an easily accessible Music feature on your Facebook page for fans to check out any time. Here’s how to add it:

First, you’ll need to add Static HTML Plus to your Facebook tab by clicking here. Select “Add Static HTML to a page” and choose your fan page from the drop down menu.

Static HTML Plus Set up Tab

Click on “Set up tab” which will open the Static HTML editor.

Static HTML Editor

Next, go into your Bandzoogle website account and copy the embed code for the track you’d like to share.

Bandzoogle Embeddable Player HTML Code

Then paste the embed code from Bandzoogle into the Static HTML editor, and save the changes. 

Static HTML Save Changes

You can even edit the name of the tab on Facebook by clicking “Actions” when setting up the tab by choosing Edit name and image. That way, your Facebook page will have a custom tab name, like “Music” or “Preview” - whatever you want to advertise it as!

You can also add multiple players to showcase several songs on the Facebook tab, if you wanted to offer more than one preview! When a visitor checks out the tab, they can get a feel for your music even before they’ve clicked through to your website.

The embeddable player offers a quick and easy way for Facebook fans to listen to your tracks and quickly visit your website.

For more ideas on how to promote your music with Bandzoogle’s embeddable players, check out 6 Ways to Promote Your Music Online with Bandzoogle’s Embeddable Players

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John Zay
Posted by John Zay on Feb 11 2016 3:39 PM
That's great work - thank you & how about an embeddable email signup? Or at least the ability to have the track downloadable by email from the Widget?
Posted by Adam on Feb 11 2016 5:06 PM
@John Zay - at the moment there isn't an option for an embeddable sign up form, but this is on the development team radar here and I'll definitely pass your suggestion for this up to them on your behalf!
John Zay
Posted by John Zay on Feb 16 2016 11:25 PM
That would be stellar, this way we can directly bring addresses into our bandzoogle email list from other sites. THANKS!
Posted by solarflairs on Apr 3 2016 10:48 AM
Thanks so much! Didn't know I could do this.