EDM Musician Website Inspiration: Amazing Header Slideshow

Every week, we highlight one of our favorite websites on Bandzoogle.   

Who: Zardonic  
What: Metal EDM
Where: Planet Earth
Why his website rocks: When landing on Zardonic’s website, you’re immediately brought into his world of metal EDM.

Using our Manhattan theme, Zardonic added his logo to the header, and then created an amazing header slideshow using some great live images that show him in action. The mask, the stage production, and of course, the incredible crowd shots, all help to paint a picture of an artist who has been described as "Skrillex meets Slayer".

Great job with your site Zardonic, and we’re looking forward to those masks being available in your Store!

Check out his site at: www.zardonic.net

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The Maniac Agenda
Posted by The Maniac Agenda on Feb 15 2015 11:53 PM
love Zardonic! :-)
Astral Darkness
Posted by Astral Darkness on Feb 16 2015 1:25 PM
Love the site
Nina Lee
Posted by Nina Lee on Mar 20 2015 1:11 AM
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