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We had Music PR superstar Ariel Hyatt as a guest here a few weeks ago, announcing Bandzoogle's sponsorship of her Music Success in 9 Weeks Blogging Challenge.  The Challenge is in full swing, with many old and new Bandzooglers taking part... among others: Jennifer Grassman, Hudson K, J Ammo, Sean Wright, Core Zero, Jacknife Stiletto, Atlas Take Aim, Brett Barry, Ed-O, Gord Yelich, Jay Trainer, Jordan Martyn, From Chaos, Maura Jensen, Meghan Morrison, Nicholas Howard, Agenda Red, Saturn, The April Maze, (wheeew... and more... let us know in the comments if we forgot you).  After setting some goals, Week 2 was all about creating a pitch about your band or solo act.  We liked the advice so much that we asked Ariel if she would re-blog that chapter here and she gracefully accepted.  Feel free to post your pitch in the comments here, or get a conversation started on our Facebook page or in the Community forums, if you'd like other members to comment and help out.

The Internet is full of messages only the ones with Laser Focus will stand out. Here’s how to focus yours:

A pitch has many names. You may have heard elevator pitch, some marketers call it a USP (unique selling point), my friend Laura Allen calls it, a 15-second pitch. Call it what you want, this thing, will change the way you market yourself and your music. It is critical that you have a concise and easy-to-understand pitch that will help you shape your brand. Your pitch does not have to be lengthy to be effective, it just has to explain your sound in a few words.
Here are some of my favorite pitches to jump-start your brain:

Leftover Salmon – Polyethnic Cajun Slamgrass
John Taglieri – If Vertical Horizon and Third Eye Blind got hit by Train!
Devil Doll – Jessica Rabbit meets Joan Jett

Creating Your Pitch

Take out a clean piece of paper, or open a new doc on your computer and:

1. Write out the type of genres you play. Roots, rock, reggae, folk, punk, jazz, alt-country, chillout, etc. No more than two or three should actually be selected in the end.
2. Write down all the artists that other people say you sound like.
3. Write down a list of all artists (or authors or famous people) that have influenced you.
4. Write down all of the feelings and vibes that you want to create or convey with your music.

Use these elements as a guideline to help you come up with a few words or sentences that sum you up. Once you have a 15 (or so) second pitch that you like, read it out loud standing in front of the mirror. Does it feel comfortable to say it? If you don't, then don't use it. I once worked with a band that chose the term “Soul Rock” to describe their sound, and after it was published countless times they hated it, so make sure it's something that you can deal with in print over and over again.

Still not sure? Read it to a bunch of friends and fans and ask them to work on it with you!  Don’t over think it. Keep it simple and as concise as you can.

Here’s What to do once you have it!

Online Branding:

A. On your website’s homepage (yes, on the HOMEPAGE – not buried in the site).
B. On your Facebook, Twitter & MySpace pages
C. On all social-networking sites that you use and anywhere else you have an online presence.

Offline Branding

1. On your postcards & show flyers.
2. On your Business cards
3. On your posters, and anything else you have in print.

So now when you hand someone a flyer announcing your show, or when someone new comes to your website he will know exactly what you do, and it will be a laser focused message and therefore highly effective marketing.

Ariel Hyatt is the founder of Ariel Publicity, a social media PR firm based in New York. Their Cyber PR ® Campaigns place musicians on blogs, podcasts, and Internet radio stations and coach them to create authentic relationships with fans. Since 1996, Ariel Publicity has represented over 1,500 independent musicians. Her book Music Success in Nine Weeks has helped over a thousand musicians get in control of their online strategies.

Bandzoogle lets you create a professional website in minutes with all the music promotional features you need including a blog, mailing list, and social media integrations. Try Bandzoogle free now!


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great info as usual guys:)
Knowledge Base
Posted by Knowledge Base on Nov 6 2010 8:43 PM
Great, thanks for the info...
Knowledge Base
Posted by Knowledge Base on Nov 6 2010 8:43 PM
Great, thanks for the info...
Tonos Triad
Posted by Tonos Triad on Nov 8 2010 1:14 AM
Tonos Triad ended up with "Jazzpop Eurofolk"
The Wonderful World of O-SKI!
Posted by The Wonderful World of O-SKI! on Nov 8 2010 8:33 AM
Hey David, I'm participating in the challenge. Creating my pitch was pretty challenging. Check out this funny video about the elevator pitch, Keep writing these great articles! O-SKI Hip Hop Recording Artist A Creative blend of Classic Hip-Hop| A Twist of Soulful Pop| A Splash of Inspiration
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Posted by Saint Avarice on Nov 8 2010 8:57 AM
Andy Liam
Posted by Andy Liam on Nov 10 2010 11:20 PM
Andy Liam is the fruit of an explosive relationship between Liam, a mechanical engineer & top fashion female model from Montréal (North America) and Andy , a singer from Douala (Africa) still struggling with hunger on a daily basis because of his severe material poverty. Help us survive the distance, overcome famine and social injustice in third world countries so that we continue producing the music you love: an electro-pop sound with soul from the heart of Africa. Don't miss out on this emotional trip linking the rawness of Fela Kuti to the beauty of Enya.
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Mayan Fox is exotic pop.
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The site is Down ... Shame I was looking to it.
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Thanks Mikkael, I removed the link.
Posted by Andrea on Nov 15 2010 11:08 PM
:agree:very much helpful and motivating!!!
Eighteen Arms
Posted by Eighteen Arms on Nov 16 2010 12:05 AM
Please check out my "elevator pitch" and let me know what you think, thank you -
The Sons Of Dark Horses
Posted by The Sons Of Dark Horses on Nov 16 2010 5:20 AM
The Sons Of Dark Horses are two sons and a collective of unique voices and players, collaborating to pour a blend of folk 'n' soul out with more besides.
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Lakotai is "A Successful Naija Motivational Rapper"
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