David Lydon
Posted by David Lydon on Oct 11 2008 2:11 PM
Its nice. Subtle detail and I like the two tone background.:agree:
Chase Harding
Posted by Chase Harding on Oct 12 2008 7:09 PM
nice work! Can't wait to see the flash customization tool I hear you're working on. Have you considered opening up your templates to third party developers? Just put out the code parameters and have us submit our own for your approval. once approved, anyone could use them. sorta like an application thing on facebook. I know a would submit someting.... just a thought. Thanks for everything! M
Francine Saltares
Posted by Francine Saltares on Oct 14 2008 10:05 PM
how does it compare with other designs? I feel like we should have more advanced looking templates, its nice, but i feel like after seeing so many awesome websites out there on the internet, we should have a template that beats out the rest.:confused:
Terrible Secret of Space
Posted by Terrible Secret of Space on Oct 15 2008 1:03 AM
I totally agree with Cina... if you ask me (which you have) most of these templates are the same and what is with the offering certain fonts that dont work with all the templates. Makes no sense. I liked alot of the fonts that are available but you couldn't see the whole band name on some templates and using the shrinking button on the font is just a joke. More advanced templates is a great idea.
Posted by on Oct 15 2008 2:12 AM
You can use any of our 100+ fonts with this and all templates. Pro plan members can upload their own fonts. If your band name (which is longer than average) is not fitting, you just need to reduce the font size in the DESIGN tab. Our templates do generally have some conventions; a header image with text at the top of the page, and a centered layout. The reason we do this, is that it is easy for visitors to navigate. "Advanced" designs (such as all flash sites, or those with unconventional navigation) may be neat, but can confuse your visitors. If you have specific ideas for designs, feel free to email me directly: I respond to every email suggestion.
Delaney Gibson
Posted by Delaney Gibson on Oct 15 2008 11:09 PM
What happened to the cool popup feature for photos....Now the pictures open up in a new webpage instead of that cool window pop up. Can you change it? [quote="Chris"][/quote]
Posted by LEFT LANE RADIO on Oct 16 2008 5:07 AM
it should be a way were we could upload are own templates. .or have a way were we can write are on php scripts..
Posted by on Oct 16 2008 6:46 AM
[quote="djbigtymebeats"]it should be a way were we could upload are own templates. .or have a way were we can write are on php scripts..[/quote] hey big tyme haha
Posted by on Oct 16 2008 3:48 PM
What would make life easier too is if there were a way to Copy pages within a site. I have a separate page for each video of my band from YouTube. It would have been easier to have a "Copy Page" function instead of having to re-add all the same content over and over again to make the pages all look the same. Just a thought...