forwarding email to AOL accounts

As AOL's strict email policies continue to make our lives extremely difficult we will no longer be able to provide email forwarding to AOL accounts. If you have set a Bandzoogle email address to forward to an or address, you have until August 23rd to change it to forward to a different address. If you are an AOL member we suggest signing up for an alternate free webmail account instead such as GMail or Hotmail. As an AOL member you may also be interested in reading this.


American Gypsy
Posted by American Gypsy on Aug 16 2006 11:54 PM
Chris: Sorry to hear they "did it again". This is exactly why I own a number of domains - I have total control over all my e-mail. I also have all the "online" accounts (yahoo, hotmail, gmail, etc.) but I've found that in order to have control I have to maintain a number of domains; and they are cheap. AOL :disagree: :mad: Peace, Dreaminghawk
Posted by SouthBound on Aug 17 2006 1:59 AM
Was never impressed with AOL anyway and would surely never sign up! But thanks for the info just the same.:)
The Score
Posted by The Score on Aug 17 2006 1:19 PM
AOL is just awful, I don't see the attraction. When I had that service, I got piles of spam, and now you can't get legitimate information- but I bet you still get plenty of spam. Thanks for the information, though. :mad:
Posted by Jamison on Aug 18 2006 2:30 AM
AOL ripped me for $400 in overcharges a few years back. Customer service and other "supervisors" were "unable" to help me, and someone was always "supposed" to call me back. I finally gave up. I hate AOL forever. Rick:mad::disagree: