Beats Producer Website Inspiration: Simple Design to Sell Beats Online

Beats Producer Website Inspiration: Beats by Ced

Who: Beats By Ced

What: Beats producer

Where: Miami, Florida

Why their website rocks: Beats by Ced is a great example of a beats producer website.

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His focus is on selling beats, with a simple website design that works well to showcase his instrumentals. His theme features a white background and black font, plus clear content area sections with pops of red. It’s a nice example of an uncluttered, sleek website that sells beats.

Right on the Homepage, he has our music player for selling beats (commission-free!). This makes it clear to interested buyers right away that they can click to listen and then buy beats. He’s also offering a free beat to anyone who signs up for his mailing list.

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Beats by Ced Website Terms

Beats by Ced includes a Terms page, laying out the leasing and exclusive rights of his beats. He also adds an FAQ page to make sure customers are clear on his policies, including how beats can be used on mixtapes, albums, or EPs.

A website that is updated often is the sign of a dedicated producer, and Ced adds content regularly to his Blog page. He also displays a Twitter feed, giving people constant updates and a way to connect via social media. For more design inspiration, check out Website Design Inspiration: Best Beat Producer Websites, our Website Examples page and the Beautiful Website Templates category of our blog.

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Posted by Demolishbeatz on Aug 6 2015 8:41 AM
i been doing this for years thats still a good look tho
Beats By Ced
Posted by Beats By Ced on Aug 13 2015 10:09 PM
@demolishbeatz appreciated fam. Thanks Bandzoogle!