Band Website Quick Tip: With Social Media Links, Less is More

With our My Sites feature, you can add nicely formatted icons with links to 38 (and counting!) social media and ecommerce sites. But just because you have profiles on every social media site ever created, doesn’t mean you should link to all of them on your website.

Each icon is essentially an exit door from your site, and the goal isn’t to send people away to 10 different places other than your website. Your goal should be to keep visitors busy on your own site (and gently nudge them towards the store!). So focus on the links that are strategic for your goals (build a Twitter following, get more Facebook fans, etc.).

How many social media links?

Try to limit it to just the platforms that you are most active on, and where your fans are the most active as well (so you can go ahead and remove that MySpace link!). So three to five icons should be enough to cover the most important social media sites. Having more will just make it harder for people to find the one they’re looking for, and create a visual mess on your site.

Here are a few nice examples from Bandzoogle members. Ray Banman just displays his Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram icons on his Homepage:

Aramide is using our theme Primer, which has a site-wide My Sites feature, so it displays social media icons on each page of her site. She chose to display her Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram links: