Band Website Love: Trouvere

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Who: Trouvere
What: Pop duo
Where: Nashville, TN
Why their website rocks: After posting a blog about how to unclutter your website, we couldn’t help show some love for Trouvere’s nice, clean, simple website. On their Homepage they have a fun introduction video featured right at the top, some exciting latest news about the band, and make it clear that they’re giving away the first single from their new album (and they’re collecting emails in exchange, very smart). Plus, they took the time to get a professional photo shoot done, which makes a huge impact on the look and branding for their website. Nice job guys!

Check it out at:



Posted by WhistleforSwift on Feb 13 2013 1:48 AM
Very nice!
Whistle for Swift
Posted by Whistle for Swift on Feb 13 2013 1:48 AM
Very nice!
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