Band Website Inspiration: Solid logo + branding


What: Country Rock

Where: Nashville, TN

Why their website rocks: Right off the bat their header logo commands attention with the nice bold letters of the band name. The font style and design works nicely for this band since their music is both country and rock. They keep it consistent by adding the same text logo to other images and pages, and the black and white colors keep it simple and easy on the eyes.

Even though GAGE isn't using the traditional band image in the header, they still have their professional band photo near the top for visual interest. They've also set up the perfect at-a-glance homepage to keep their fans interested and engaged. They offer a way for fans to link up to their social media pages, sign up to their mailing list, display their current shows, give 'em a taste of their music with one track and a video, and keep them up-to-date with their latest tweets. This is a smart move because busy fans may only have time to peruse one page and this homepage does the job

Check out their website at:

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The Real Chit Chat
Posted by The Real Chit Chat on Mar 21 2015 11:37 AM
Yeah it caught my eye off top. Tight logo.