Band Website Inspiration: How to use your website to connect with fans

How to use your website to connect with fans

What: Brooding, infectious pop-rock
Where: Vancouver
Why their website rocks: Big and bold, SAVVIE’s site definitely makes an impression! The biggest benefit to having a website for your band is to communicate what you’re all about for new fans getting into your music. SAVVIE does this with great graphic design and content.

SAVVIE uses the Blog feature, keeping fans up to date about upcoming tours, showcases, and more! An added benefit is that these updates help SEO rankings, so search engines see the fresh content here and index the site more often. [Read 3 Tips to Optimize Your Website Content]

She also makes use of the mailing list signup feature, so she can connect with fans for exciting new updates!

Another way she makes it easy to connect with fans is by using the site-wide MySites feature. This features her social media links front and center on every page of the site. With the site-wide version of this feature, once the links are added, they’re automatically populated across every page - no need to add them more than once!

Plus, we totally dig how the feel of the photography on her site and the 70’s inspired background match with the tone of her music! For more design inspiration, check out our Website Examples page and the Beautiful Website Templates category of our blog.


Posted by HABAKA kfj on Aug 1 2015 10:16 AM
Yes that really is a great site! Thanks for sharing BZ Hugs