Artist Website Design Inspiration: Create a visually remarkable brand

Website Inspiration: Branding Details

Who: Dannie Marie
What: Pop Country Singer-Songwriter
Where: San Diego, California
Why their website rocks: As a whole, the website is great. But if you dial in a bit you'll really appreciate the attention Dannie's put into her branding.

For starters, look at the cute bow and arrow logo in her header title. Such a nice little detail and something she can use on anything she puts out to her audience for them to quickly identify her with. From there she's chosen a premade theme with muted green wildflowers and a rustic worn background image. The colors of this theme pair nicely with the bright flowers, muted green vase, grassy field and hay in her main header image. This creates a seamless look that creates the perception that this is a custom made theme. 

The little nuances continue throughout the rest of her pages as well. Notice the western boots at the bottom of her home page for collecting tips, then again in the header image on her Photos page. Also if you look at her Articles/Reviews page "Dear Hollywood" (the name of her newest album) is written on the vanity mirror. Now head over to her Original Videos page and that same vanity mirror is framing her pretty face for a great promo shot. These little touches gives the site a feeling of consistency and familiarity.

Country Singer Dannie Marie

As you pull back from the finer details to the website as a whole, you see it's equally as impressive. Dannie includes a good deal of information to keep her fans locked in on her website. Her Video and Photo pages display high quality music videos and images for captivating fans. She includes all the standard pages in her menu, as well as a few extra we recommend like Press and EPK

All-in-all, Dannie has created a consistent, visually remarkable website. Great job! For more design inspiration, check out our Website Examples page and the Beautiful Website Templates category of our blog.


Dannie Marie
Posted by Dannie Marie on Jul 25 2015 7:59 PM
Creating my artist website with Bandzoogle's templates and tools made it simple and fun -- almost like digital scrapbooking! The functionality makes it easy to constantly update the site with photos, videos, blogs, tour dates, etc. -- things we couldn't do with our previous site that was custom designed using html code.