7 ways to sell more music online

Seven ways to sell more music online

You spend hours upon hours writing, re-writing, and perfecting each verse. You pour your heart and soul into recording every note on your album. You know your music is great and worth a listen, so let’s look at some ways to sell more of it!

1. Make it easy

This seems simple, but it’s effective! If you want your listeners to buy your music, ask them to. You can do this by adding a ‘call-to-action’ which directs your website visitors attention. This could be an image of your latest album, for example. Add it right on your Homepage, linking it to your Music page.

You could also add a music feature right on your Homepage with some text letting people know that you have for sale. Make the text fun and upbeat, and eye-catching!

Also, make sure your Music page is easy to navigate. If your goal on that page is to sell music, make sure you have a clearly laid out page with buy buttons. Add a Music Feature here to sell tracks commission-free right through your website, and we’ll report your sales to Soundscan for you.

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2. Make it available

Your website should be your online home, so be sure to offer music for sale on your Homepage and/ or Music page. Then any visitor reaching your website has the option to easily buy your music. Make it more widely available too, by adding it to Bandcamp (which you can easily add to your website), iTunes, and anywhere else people look to buy music.

Sell Music Bandcamp player

Make use of embeddable players to spread the music love even further.

You can grab the player code and send it out to music blogs, online newspapers, musicians you collaborate with, and more! The more websites you post your music on, the more chances you give people to listen and buy.

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The longer you give fans to buy music online, the more sales you’ll make. Set up your next album for pre-order to increase your sale opportunities. Once your album is ready, send it on out to those who bought it!

3. Make it fun

Offer music in bundles with your other products to give your customers an incentive to buy. Got branded hot sauce, signed guitar picks, or t-shirts to sell? Bundle it with a CD and set a discounted price for buying both.

Sell music in bundles

Another fun option is to run a contest. Offer a free shirt to the first 5 people to buy your album within a certain time frame, or plan a giveaway on your website’s blog, choosing a commenter at random to win!

4. Make it personal

People can sense your authenticity a mile away, and true fan engagement will turn your listeners into interested buyers. So don’t just send 50 auto tweets assuming someone might click and buy your song.

Add some personal touches - intimate studio pics on your Music page, behind the scenes scoop in a Blog feature, and then seed it out to social media in a more meaningful way.

5. Make it strategic

Many fans of indie artists are happy to shell out money to support your music. Set your older albums as ‘pay what you want’ to allow people to donate as much or as little as they’d like. You may be surprised at the value your long-standing fans will place on your music!

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Sell music fans set price

6. Make it a deal

We see it all the time - people will buy more if they think they’re snagging a great deal! WIth this in mind, add a few discount code options. Give these codes out in a time sensitive way - a special holiday discount, for example, or pick a day to blow out your stock. Then promote it to make sure people know they can use the discount code for a limited time.

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Reward your loyal fans and email subscribers with a special discount code that gives them a deal on your music. They may not yet have all of your albums, and you can encourage and remind them that you have so much great music for sale. Email is the number 1 way (40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined!) to reach people and sell more music so make use of your email list to give subscribers a deal!

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7. Make it timely

Sit down with a calendar and mark out a few times throughout the year to focus on a music marketing blast. Take advantage of special dates, like the anniversary of your previous album, to remind people about your music. Send a festive e-blast wishing your fans happy holidays and reminding them of the music you’ve released in the last year.

Festive music to sell online

Musicians are great at honing their craft, playing songs and writing lyrics. Being a salesman isn’t necessarily something that’s in your bag of tricks. Getting your music into more ears will help you make those future albums though, so get out there and sell your music!

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Posted by Hip hop Survival on Dec 15 2015 8:43 PM
A+ information!
Tom Penhale
Posted by Tom Penhale on Dec 28 2015 11:22 AM
Thank you for such an informative article. When you are selling your music online, do you recommend allowing to people to hear to the entire song, or a 30-second (Amazon), 1:30 (ITunes), or a length of your choosing (Bandzoogle!!)? I have heard that Amazon and ITunes determine what segment goes online, not you, the musician.