5 Easy Ways to Give Your Website a Makeover

Give your Band Website a Makeover

It’s 2016 - a new year and a new start. Whether your resolutions this year include touring more, or writing more, it feels good to tackle a few things on the to do list early.

Last year, we added lots of options to help you update your website quickly. Why not give it a quick makeover to showcase your music and content this year? Here a few ideas for you:

1. Change your template

You can change your website's design with just a few clicks. Think of changing your template as re-skinning your content to give it a fresh new feel. The basics are still in place, including your layout, images, and text. You'e just adding a new look to that same great content!

Need some inspiration? We’ve got simple, stunning themes like Vesper, Manhattan, Surround, and Dusted to make your website look it's best.

Website header image

2. Change your header image

The new year is a great time to re-evaluate your brand, your music, and yourself. If you haven’t had professional photos taken in some time, book a session and use those images to portray yourself online.

Think about the sound of your music, and your personality, then use an image to convey that in just a glance. To change up your header image, click on your current image and replace it, or add up to 5 images to create a slideshow!

Website theme we are the movies

3. Update and reorganize your content

Our new visual editor has made it quicker than ever before to change up your content. Try dragging and dropping your features to rearrange them on the page, or move your content into 2 or 3 column layouts. You can see how it looks instantly!

Another way to update the look of your content is to try out the tiled layout for your blog! Add a featured thumbnail image for a visual pop to each post.

You also quickly swap out your music. Add tracks quickly with our Dropbox integration, or import them from SoundCloud. Both add your music directly to your account here, so you can then sell or stream it for your listeners.

Tiled blog layout

4. Use features for fresh content

Before you hit the road for your next tour, or immerse yourself into writing and recording, add a few features that will update content on your website for you.

If you have an Instagram or Twitter feed, add that to your Homepage. These features will pull content and update whenever you Tweet or post to Instagram. This changes things up for your returning visitors!

Instagram website feature

You can also add a Bandsintown feature to pull your event dates, without needing to worry about plug-ins or code. Or, use our Bandcamp integration to instantly display your tracks.

As an added bonus, these features match your website's design instantly and work great on mobile.

5. Get social

Now that your website has a new look, let’s get sharing! It's easy to share your events to Facebook, Twitter, or by email. These events have a permalink that will never change.

You can also share your music with embeddable music players, adding a track to your blog post, to Facebook, online publications, or venue websites. It uses your album art - another extension of your look, and links back to your website.

Whether it's changing up your theme, re-arranging your layout, or swapping in fresh new content, we hope this encourages you to try out a new look for your website!

Create a beautiful, professional website that is easy to keep up-to-date as your music career evolves. Try Bandzoogle free now!


Raining North
Posted by Raining North on Jan 14 2016 2:03 PM
Awesome ideas, when will you guys be rolling our new feature updates?
Sean Christopher
Posted by Sean Christopher on Jan 14 2016 2:14 PM
Thanks for the info! www.ImSean.org
Posted by Desi on Jan 14 2016 2:23 PM
@Raining North, be sure to keep checking us out on social media and tuned to the blog to stay up to date on the newest releases!
Posted by BASSADOR (R.M.G) on Jan 15 2016 7:22 AM
Great information that's valuable to us independents!!!
John thomas Oaks
Posted by John thomas Oaks on Feb 22 2016 10:39 PM
Kill your Facebook.