10 Ways to Make More Money Selling Music Lessons on Your Website

10 Ways to Make More Money Selling Music Lessons on Your Website

In one of our more popular blog posts ‘18 ways musicians can make money’, we rounded out the list with Music Lessons. Offering music lessons can be a great way to make extra money, and you get to hone your craft at the same time!

So here are 10 ways to make more money selling music lessons through your website:

  1. In-person music lessons - The most tried and true way of making money is through old fashioned teaching! We make this easy by giving you the tools to build an effective music teacher website. [Learn How to Build a Music Teacher Website]

    On the payment page you can have students prepay for their lessons through our built-in Store feature (commission-free!).

  2. Online lessons - Teaching lessons to locals is great, but can be limiting depending on your location. To expand your music lessons business you can offer lessons by live stream. Use free services like Skype, Facetime, or Google Hangout to interact with your students over the internet.

  3. Group lessons - To generate even more money, consider offering group lessons. This allows you to charge a slightly lower rate but maximise your profit instead by volume. If you offer the group lessons at a fun venue you can even sell tickets from our Events feature like member LearnBluesGuitarNow.com does on their Classes/Schedule page.

    Learn Blues Guitar sells group guitar classes through Bandzoogle ticket sales feature

  4. Audition prep - Many musicians and actors need to prepare for roles they’re auditioning for. Some have specific requirements such as song range, length and style. You can promote your music lessons to acting agencies and schools for more exposure.

  5. Cover songs - With YouTube covers all the rage, you may get requests from students wanting to learn to play songs to make them stand out using different instruments. It might be fun to offer a ‘Learn to play hip-hop covers with your guitar’ package or ‘Learn to play death metal covers with your violin.’

  6. Practice tapes - Your students may have specific songs they need to learn for community functions and festivals. You can sell accompaniment tracks of their songs for them to practice to. This is especially valuable if the event has given them a modified version of a popular song they need to learn.

  7. Warmup downloads - Nobody likes to warm up, but it’s important to help preserve your voice. [Simple Tips for Preserving Your Voice Between Gigs

    As a music instructing professional it’s a great idea to develop your own set of warm ups exercises. Go into a studio, record them, then sell them in sets. 

    For example, Daily vocal warm up, Vocal warm up for gigs, Vocal exercises while on the road, etc. Member Susan Anders dominates this idea with many various vocal warm up downloads and much more. You can do this for all sorts of instruments as well.

  8. Video file sales - Why not try promoting your teaching skills by video? You can sell the videos using our file sale feature. Or you can even set up a password protected page on your website for students who’ve paid to access all the videos you offer. Topics can include tips on technique, reading music, tuning your instrument, keeping time, practice habits, improvisation, and more. 

    To reach even more followers, YouTube is always a good option. You can offer some content for free, and embed videos on your website to show you’re an expert in your field.


  9. Sheet music, guitar tabs and more - Bandzoogle member Gary of grdrumming.com does a great job selling drumming method books right from his website. Another idea is to sell sheet music like member Matt Riley has done for holiday music. And if you end up selling items during the seasonal rush, how about giving your customers an extra special treat by putting it on sale for holidays.

  10. Product packages - If you have a variety of music lessons to sell, why not create several options to make it easy for customers to buy many items at once? Our member Troy Wright does a great job with this by offering a package that includes an HD video lesson and a PDF.

    You can even offer a discount for anyone who signs up to one-on-one or group lessons. We make it easy to do with our discount codes feature in the Store. When a customer buys a product, you can email them the discount code to use on future orders.

    Tony Wright, drummer sells drum lessons from his website

Make more money by selling music lessons from your own professional website. Bandzoogle has all the tools you need built-in, and we don’t take a cut of your sales. To date, our members have racked in $17+ million in commission free sales!  Sign up free with Bandzoogle now.


Jonathan Raphael - Site Oficial
Posted by Jonathan Raphael - Site Oficial on Jul 27 2015 2:51 PM
Would be a great addition to Bandzoogle if we could sell #1 and #2 with Paypal's recurring payments as a built-in feature!
Posted by Melanie on Jul 27 2015 2:57 PM
Good idea...will pass along your feedback. Hope you enjoyed the post!
Jonathan Raphael - Site Oficial
Posted by Jonathan Raphael - Site Oficial on Jul 27 2015 8:33 PM
Yeah, Melanie! Great post! :)
Ryan Record
Posted by Ryan Record on Aug 2 2015 10:02 PM
Great ideas! Thanks
Posted by Nazmun on Aug 17 2015 11:11 AM
Awesome idea. Thanks
Brad Allen
Posted by Brad Allen on Oct 20 2015 8:20 AM
I see a lot of instructional videos like the one shown here where musical notation is shown at the bottom of the video. How is this done? What programs can be used to create this?