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The all-in-one website builder for musicians

Build a band website

Build a band website

Choose a stunning template and make it as unique as your music with easy custom design tools.

Sell directly to fans

Sell directly to fans

Start selling your music, merch, tickets, and more—all right from your website, commission-free.

Promote your music

Promote your music

Build your own audiences and grow your following with direct-to-fan marketing tools.

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Website templates for your music style

All Bandzoogle website plans include dozens of templates made for every kind of musician and music professional. Our modern, responsive themes look great on any device.

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Customize your website in minutes

Set your creativity free with easy design tools that let you make your website as unique as your music. Choose fonts, colors, and layouts for any template with just a few clicks.

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Building a musician website with a visual design editor

All the features you need to build an effective band website

Bandzoogle websites don't just look good—they're also packed with built-in features made for musicians

Free domain name

Choose a custom .com address for your band website, free for as long as you're a member.

Website hosting

Get a fast and reliable website with unlimited best-in-class hosting for musicians.

SEO for musicians

Help fans find your music using built-in website search engine optimization features.

Fan data

Check integrated analytics and reports to see who your fans are, where they come from, and what they buy.

Music players

Upload your music so that fans can listen to your albums and singles directly on your website.

Tour calendar

Highlight a tour calendar on your website with detailed event info, ticket sales, and sharing links for fans.

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*Some features may be available only to members of the Pro or Standard plan

Sell music and merch commission-free

Add a store to your website in just two clicks and start selling your music, file downloads, show tickets, and band merch. Best of all, we don't charge any commission on sales.

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Promote your music online

Make your Bandzoogle website a hub for your band online with tools to build a following, engage fans, and showcase your music.

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Create a stunning band EPK

Grab the attention of busy industry professionals with a unique electronic press kit that shows your talent is ready for the next stage.

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Bandzoogle connects to services you already use

Building and managing your website is even easier with integrations that help you promote and sell your music online.

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How to build a band website in 10 easy steps

Here's how to build a website for your music in minutes without any coding.

  1. Sign up for a free Bandzoogle trial.
  2. Choose a music website template.
  3. Customize colors, fonts, and images.
  4. Add your photos, videos, bio, and other content.
  5. Upload your music for fans to listen to and buy.
  6. Add an email signup form to build a mailing list.
  7. Add a store to sell merch.
  8. Add a tour calendar with ticket sales.
  9. Add a page for your electronic press kit.
  10. Choose a domain name and launch your website!

Websites made for musicians

Bandzoogle is dedicated to empowering every kind of musician and music professional to create an effective website.

For DJs

Launch a pro DJ website that helps you book more gigs and promote your events.

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For record labels

Build and manage unique websites for your label and artists all in one place.

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For music producers

Showcase your music style, grow an audience following, and sell beats commission-free.

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For singer-songwriters

Share your songs and story, engage fans, sell merch, and promote your shows.

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For rappers

Stand out as a unique artist, grow your fan base, and promote and sell your music.

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For music teachers

Grow your teaching business with a website that inspires new students to sign up.

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Award winning web experts on your team

Our friendly and knowledgeable support team is made up of musicians and web design wizards who are dedicated to helping you build the most effective website for your music.

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Live support

Live support

Reach our award-winning support team day or night to get help with your website.

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Help center

Help center

Get quick answers to common questions with our detailed Help articles.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a musician website?

Your music website is a customized place that you own online, that is exclusively dedicated to showcasing your talent and content. A musician website has a custom domain name (web address) where fans and music industry professionals can easily find you—either directly or through search engines.

Do bands and musicians need a website?

Musicians need websites in the same way they need amplification: you can do without it, but your music might not reach as many ears. Owning your custom branded music website also conveys dedication, and shows music industry professionals that you're serious about your career.

Your music website is a space online that only you own and control. It's a place where fans can connect with you, sign up to your mailing list, buy your music and merch, and support your evolution as a musician. It gives a professional polish to your unique artistic identity online, away from the distractions of notifications and news feed algorithms. And if you care about SEO as a musician, having a website is essential.

Still not sure if you need a website? Here are 10 reasons why you do.

Is Bandzoogle the best website builder for musicians?

Bandzoogle is a leading all-in-one website platform that provides everything you need to build and manage a website and store for your music. We stand out from other website providers by being specifically dedicated to the needs of musicians and music professionals.

Bandzoogle offers a wide selection of free website and EPK templates, along with built-in features like music players, tour calendars, ticket sales, and merch ecommerce tools.

Bandzoogle's award-winning customer support team understands what musicians need—many of them are also musicians—and is available 7 days a week (because musicians don't just work on weekdays!).

And Bandzoogle's pricing plans are designed to be accessible to all levels of independent musicians—from those just starting out, to those selling out music venues.

What should be on a band website?

First of all, your website has to look good! Start by choosing a great music website template that is designed to impress on desktop and mobile devices alike.

Your musician website should include your artist bio, an events calendar, photos and videos, an electronic press kit (EPK), your music and merch to sell directly to fans, an email sign-up form to build your mailing list, links to your social media profiles, and a contact page.

Bandzoogle's built-in templates and tools are designed for musicians to easily create a stunning website with this kind of content and more, all customized to your preferences.

How do I host my band website?

Hosting a fast, reliable, and secure website can take technical know-how to set up, and time and effort to maintain—sometimes with a steep technical learning curve. An all-in-one website platform like Bandzoogle includes hosting built-in, so you don't need to think about the hosting part of your website at all—you simply design your website and then share it with the world.

Our expert team of developers takes care of the hosting details—we're like your digital tech roadies, keeping all your website cables plugged in so you can focus on the music.

How do I get a domain name for my band website?

Domain names are typically purchased from a domain name registrar for an annual fee. Once you purchase a domain name, it generally belongs to you for as long as you keep the registration active.

When you join Bandzoogle on a website plan you can register one domain name for free within your account, and it will stay free for as long as your website plan remains active. You can also choose to use a domain you've registered on another platform.

Our expert customer support team is available to guide you through the process and help get your domain to load your Bandzoogle website.

How do I sell my music on my website?

Selling music through your website requires secure and reliable ecommerce tools that allow you to upload the music you want to sell. Customers need a way to check out on your website, and you need to be able to accept payments online.

Bandzoogle's music features make selling music online simple. You can upload albums, singles, and tracks lists to sell, each with various purchasing options. You can easily connect your PayPal or Stripe account to take direct, commission-free payments. And your fans are provided an easy and seamless purchase experience right on your website.

Can I sell merch on my band website?

Yes, you can!

Bandzoogle's Standard and Pro website plans allow you to set up a store on your website to sell physical items like merch, CDs, vinyls, cassettes, and more. You can also connect to Printful to supply your merch items by print-on-demand.

Bandzoogle selling tools include features that allow you to bundle items together, offer discount codes and special pricing, and more.

How much does it cost to make a music website?

Bandzoogle's pricing plans are designed to be accessible to all levels of independent musicians—from those starting out, to those selling out music venues.

You can start with an EPK on a low-cost monthly plan that allows you to set up a single page to impress media, music reviewers, and booking agents.

Bandzoogle's Lite, Standard, and Pro website plans are available as monthly or annual plans, and allow you create a multi-page website, along with a range of all-in-one features depending on the plan. Find the full pricing details here.

All plans give you access to Bandzoogle's award-winning team of web experts through email and chat.

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