New PRO feature: Music Download Codes

Starting today, PRO plan member have a new option in the Album feature: Download codes. Download codes let you give away tracks for free, that you normally would charge for. You can print them as stickers and put them on t-shirts or physical CDs, so fans get a free digital album with their purchase. Or save the codes as a file, and print your own (dirt cheap!) download cards.

To redeem their download, fans visit and enter the code. Since it is built-into your website, there is no distractions or ads to get in the way -- just instant access to your track.

But there's more. Download codes are also integrated with the mailing list, so you can send out email blasts with a built-in free track in just a few clicks.

And, unlike some other services, we are not putting a limit on the number of download codes you can create. So, go ahead and post them everywhere!

Posted by Chris on 09/23/2009 | 71 comments

New on Bandzoogle: Auto-post to Twitter

If you have a lot of social networks, it can be time consuming to update them all. Here's a new feature that will help. Now, when you add a gig, blog post, or photo, Bandzoogle can post it to Twitter. And don't worry about having to make a tiny link -- we create one for you. This is the first of several "post your stuff everywhere" features that we will be adding to Bandzoogle in the coming weeks. To get started, go to the DESIGN & OPTIONS tab and click "Social Networking". Thanks for all your suggestions in the Community, and for using Bandzoogle!
Posted by Chris on 09/19/2009 | 18 comments

Fresh new design!

Have ideas for new designs? Share them with us in the community suggestion box!
Posted by Stacey on 09/18/2009 | 37 comments

New template!

More to come!
Posted by Stacey on 09/15/2009 | 36 comments

Online marketing tip - Signatures

Do you frequently send emails to fans, promoters, agents or venues? Why not include more information in your email signature. It's the part of your e-mail message that appears at the very bottom and it tells a story of who you are, what you do, and features whatever product or service that you are promoting. This gives you the opportunity to advertise your band with every email at no cost to you. Think about it this way - you are a 4 piece band who sends out, on average, 10 emails each per day. This translates to 200 free ads per week or about 10 000 anually. Detailed email signatures not only increase traffic to your website, but they also create brand recognition. An example of a detailed email signature is:

John Smith
(555) 444-3333

You might want to also include a quote with special offers, such as "Reply to this email with 'Free offer' in the subject and you will receive a free download" or "Sign up to our mailing list at to receive important updates and show information" or even "Check out photos from our last show at"

Other places that you can add signatures:
  • Discussion boards or forums
  • Mailing lists or newsletters
  • Snail mail
  • Auto responders (ie.: Thank you for your message. We will respond personally within 24 hours, but in the meantime check out our music at You can take this a step further and update the auto responder with upcoming events or promotions. TIP: To add an auto responder in Zimbra click Preferences > Mail. Find the full how to article by doing a search for AUTO RESPONDER in the Help section.
Posted by Stacey on 09/15/2009 | 5 comments