new template added

As requested, here's another simple template. There are both white and black variations. More on the way!
Posted by Chris on 09/28/2006 | 15 comments

Get FREE MONTHS with the Bandzoogle Referral Program

Attention all Zooglers! We want the world to know about Bandzoogle and we need your help. Sign up to Bandzoogle's referral program and place our referral banner on your site and on your MySpace page. Of course no good deed goes unrewarded. Each band that signs up to the Standard or Pro plan as a result of clicking your banner will earn you a credit which you can redeem for 1 free month. To find out more about the referral program click the "refer a friend" link found at the bottom left of your control panel. Here's a sample of some of our banners available,

Enter a post with a link to your MySpace if you have placed the banner on it. I'll check your sites over the next several days to make sure things are in working order.
Posted by Keif on 09/21/2006 | 16 comments

New template added!

We've got another new template. More coming soon.
Posted by Keif on 09/19/2006 | 22 comments

another new template

As mentioned in a previous post, we'll be adding many new templates over the next few weeks. This is the first one from Analogue, a new studio we are working with. Let us know what you think...
Posted by Chris on 09/15/2006 | 12 comments

new template added

We'll be adding a ton more templates in the next few weeks! You can find this one on page 5 of "nature" in the template browser.
Posted by Chris on 09/08/2006 | 33 comments