text editor more MAC friendly

We've updated the advanced text editor tool so work better for MAC users.  It should work fine in Firefox and IE for MAC now.  Safari is still not fully supported, but a Safari -friendly version is in development.
Posted by Chris on 08/31/2005 | 11 comments

added: new photo gallery features

You can now upload multiple photos at once in your galleries.  You can also easily rotate uploaded photos right in the control panel.
Posted by Chris on 08/31/2005 | 19 comments

Bandzoogle news format update

We've changed the way news appears in the control panel and at http://www.bandzoogle.com.  You can now see an archive of all our changes in the last year.  The news is also syndicated so you can subscribe to it if you use a newsreader like Bloglines.
Posted by Chris on 08/25/2005 | 5 comments

New urban template added

Posted by Chris on 08/23/2005 | 3 comments

Database server problems resolved

Yesterday afternoon at 3PM Eastern time, a power supply died on one of our database server computers. We were able to diagnose the problem and replace the power supply by 5PM. Unfortunately, the changes affected our email server as well. The ability to send and receive email was intermittent until 11PM when we finally resolved all the problems. Emails sent to you between 5PM and 11PM last night should have been stored and delivered today. If you sent a mailing list mail during the database error yesterday, it likely was not sent and should be resent.

The good news is that because of the problem, we have added another server to our system to handle problems like this in the future, so the "downtime" will be much reduced.

Thanks for your patience during a very hectic afternoon. If you have any questions, please email me directly at chris@bandzoogle.com.

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new features coming soon!

We've been working hard on some great new features for your sites which should be ready next week!

The biggest ones are the ability for visitors to leave comments on your music, photos and shows. This feature will be optional, and you can also make it "members only".

More coming soon! Thanks for your support.


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Caching problems fixed!

In the past, you may have noticed that switching templates would cause a mix of the old and new versions for a few days. This was a problem with your web browser storing the old versions of the page and not updating to get the new ones.

Eli just fixed this "bug" so that your browser will always get the latest version of the site. If you notice any other bugs or problems with your site, please let us know by emailing us on the HELP page.

Posted by Chris on 08/05/2005 | 0 comments