New template added!

More coming in the next few days...

Posted by Chris on 07/28/2009 | 15 comments

Twitter feed + Live header editing added

Two big new features posted today.

First off, Brad added a Twitter feed feature. It displays your tweets and updates instantly when you post new ones. You can also choose how many you'd like to display.

Next, Dave revamped the header image crop tool. Now you drag your images into place right in your header image -- no more waiting for a preview! It is much easier to position your image exactly as you want. This update is one of the first to take advantage of the flexibility of our new graphics system.

Next week, we have a bunch of great new site styles coming. Stay tuned!

Posted by Chris on 07/25/2009 | 20 comments

New feature: scheduled mailouts

A great new feature was just added to the mailing list - you can you schedule your mailouts in advance. This is great if you want to add a show reminder the day of an event but won't be around your computer.

This is the first major feature that new Zoogler Brad has added. Lots more updates will be coming from him in the next few weeks!

Posted by Chris on 07/16/2009 | 28 comments

Featured Artist: Todd Snider

Singer songwriter, and engaging story teller Todd Snider's unique blend of alternative country and folk music has landed him a four star review in Rolling Stone for his 2009 release The Excitement Plan.

Spin magazine called you "One of roots music's slyest, smartest songwriters". What is your writing process like?

In a way it never stops. I'm at it constantly, as I type even I stop to wonder if there is something in this moment about your computer thing that maybe I could sing about in a way that might make someone feel better about being themselves. So far nothing has come to me. It may sound like im trying to be funny but I'm not. I should also add that for me the part where the thought or the note starts to become an actual song I'll use at a show or on a record, is different almost every time.

You've had a long career in music; what are some of your most memorable experiences?

Meeting my wife. Getting married. Trips to the beach - My most vivid memories are not musical. The music part is a bit of a blur. And I don't mean that in a "cuz we were waisted" way. I mean cuz I've played more shows than I care to count in my life and I really did like them all about the same and feel like the people who dont learn to do that go home.

You have a pretty intense touring schedule for the next few months. Can you share any tips for how you can keep fresh after weeks on the road?

Have fun, do your best, and be a good egg.

What was it like to work with legendary producer Don Was?

Epic, educational and fun. I met some really great people in Don, Jim, Greg and Krish I hope they had fun too.

How has the web helped you connect with fans?

Well I gotta be honest I'd say it has positives and negatives
On one hand it gives people who like my music a place to say so In a way that other people will hear it
On the other hand it gives people who don't like my music a place to say so In a way that other people will here it
I also think its the reason some people know where my house is.

What do you like most about Bandzoogle?

webmaster: What I appreciate most about Bandzoogle is the phenomenal customer service. Any time I have had questions about anything associated with our site, the friendly Bandzoogle staff has been lightning fast in helping out. Good luck finding such terrific support anywhere else!

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Tweaking your Photos

Bandzoogle's templates have built-in colorization features, but if you want something a little different, you can bypass that and edit your header photo before adding it to your site.

A great online tool for this is Unlike big programs like Photoshop, it's super easy to use, and best of all, free! Here are some cool things you can do with Picnik:

  • Tint – If our colorization option just isn’t the right color for your header image, you can use the Exposure and Color options in Picnik to create your own colors.
  • Tweak – Make your image look the way you want it with options that will let you remove red eye, sharpen the image, rotate, crop, resize, oh my!
  • Touch-ups – Use the Create tab and click touch-up to whiten teeth, change eye color and even fix blemishes.
  • Texture – Spice up your images by adding in some effects. Some options include crystallize, circle splash, b&w, gritty, and many more.
  • Text - If you are concerned with people re-using your photos, you can add a copyright notice right onto your image.
Posted by Allison on 07/10/2009 | 15 comments

New design option: Intro page color

A much requested feature has been added: you can now set the background and font color for your intro pages. Up until now, they were fixed to match your template background. This option is important if you have an image or flash movie on your intro page that needs to match a certain background color.

You'll find the option in the OPTIONS tab of any intro page. Enjoy!

Posted by Chris on 07/08/2009 | 8 comments