Email storage increased by 12x

The changeover to our new mail server is complete. As a "thank you" for being patient during the update, we have added a ton more storage space for your email accounts. PRO plan members now have 5000MEG (5 GIG) of storage, a 12.5X increase over the previous limit of 400MEG. STANDARD plan members how have 1000MEG (1 GIG) of storage, up from 250 MEG. On top of that, our new Zimbra based web mail system has some great new features that we will blog about in the coming weeks. Enjoy!
Posted by Chris on 07/10/2008 | 14 comments

New mailing list features added

Two often requested features have been added to the mailing list feature.

First off, you can now customize the mailing list form to include name and address fields. This is handy if you want to create groups based on location. You will find this setting in the "member options" tab of the mailing list.

Second, we revamped the importing and exporting process. You can now import addresses from a file, and it will retain all the important fields, like name, address, country, etc. You can also export your list to a file in the same way, retaining all the data in your list.

Posted by Chris on 07/04/2008 | 23 comments