footer text added

By popular demand, we've added a "footer text" option to the control panel. It adds text at the very bottom of your page, without using up one of your page features (perfect for a copyright notice, for example). You'll find the link to add a footer in the "Design and Options" section of the EDIT tab.
Posted by Chris on 07/26/2007 | 17 comments

Keif's band Playing With Diana playing Brasher Falls, NY

My band Playing With Diana will be playing in Brasher Falls, NY (20 minutes south of the Messena border).
If any of you are from the surrounding area, I'd love to see you at the show. It would be great to meet some of our members. Throw me an email at if you need any info.

The band will also be heading to Toronto the following day (July 20th) to play Lee's Palace with our friends Faithdown.
Posted by Keif on 07/16/2007 | 10 comments

Referral program improved

We've had a referral program for quite a while where we offer you a free month of service for every member you refer to Bandzoogle. Up until now, you've had to wait until they are a paid member for at least 2 months before getting your reward. Not anymore! Now you'll be rewarded with your free month as soon as your referral makes their first payment--no delays, no complications. Your referral will also be given a bonus 30 days for their trial period. How do you refer people to Bandzoogle? Well, your first stop should be the "Referrals" section of your Account page where you'll find banners, buttons, and links to place on your website, MySpace profile, etc. In addition, you can invite people directly by sending them an email invitation using the "Invite a Friend" form on the homepage of your controlpanel. Thanks for your support, and I hope you never have to pay for Bandzoogle again!
Posted on 07/16/2007 | 8 comments

new site traffic reports added!

We just rolled out our new site traffic reports. They are currently in "beta" meaning we are still working out some kinks in the system. There are some major improvements over what was there before. First off, stats are in "real time", meaning visitors are counted within a few minutes of hitting your site. Previously, reports were built daily, so you couldn't see stats for the current day. Visitors are now plotted out on a Google map so it is easier to see your visitor traffic by location. Our location database has been updated, so locations are now more accurate than before. We have added several filters to remove inaccurate data caused by spammers and "bots". The result of this is that your traffic may be slightly lower than on previous reports. ** This is normal ** . It means that the new numbers are more representative of humans, not automated software. We've also streamlined the whole report to show only important stats. Stats in previous reports that were impossible to accurately track such as "add to favorites" have been removed. We will be tweaking the reports page over the next week or so. Please let us know what you think!
Posted by Chris on 07/12/2007 | 127 comments

Photo gallery update

We've updated the photo gallery to have a much nicer pop up window. It now also shows you the caption under the large image, and has next/previous buttons for easier navigation.
Posted by Chris on 07/10/2007 | 37 comments

Credit card billing added

For all you anti-PayPal folks, we just added credit card billing as an option. This means you can now choose from check, money order, PayPal or credit card when making payments.
Posted by Chris on 07/10/2007 | 16 comments