new site traffic reports next week

Colin is putting the finishing touches on a new site traffic report system. Some highlights:

  • Stats are in "real time", meaning you don't have to wait for daily reports to come in.
  • Visitors are displayed on a Google Map, so it is easier to see a breakdown by location.
  • A good chunk of the "spam bots" will be removed, so your numbers will be more accurate than before.

    Best of all, it will be much more reliable than the old system -- so no more "0" days or us having to "rebuild your reports".

    All your old traffic reports will still be available. We'll post again when the new system is ready for you to test out.

  • Posted by Chris on 06/29/2007 | 25 comments

    menu updated

    We've updated the code that runs the menus on your site. Not a very exciting update, I know. However, it will make your site load slightly faster, and have all your pages (including sub pages) easier to find in search engines and by mobile web browsers. If you have any trouble with the new menus, please contact us via the help section and we'll check it out right away.
    Posted by Chris on 06/16/2007 | 14 comments

    forum feature updated

    By popular request, your visitors can now add links and images to posts in the forum feature, as well as make text bold and italic.
    Posted by Chris on 06/08/2007 | 16 comments