SPAM folder option

You now have the option to turn off the SPAM folder setting that puts suspected spam mails into a spam folder in your web mail system. This is good if you use Outlook to receive your mails and want to screen them on your computer instead of via web mail.
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ZIP and RAR files blocked in emails

We're getting a lot of reports of viruses with .ZIP or .RAR file attachments. For the short term, we are blocking these attachments from being received by email. In the meantime, we are working on a "drop box" feature so people can upload files via your website.
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SPAM folders added

SPAM messages are now re-directed into a special folder in your web mail. This way you can check to make sure you are not missing any messages.

Because of this change, we've ramped up the SPAM filter to block more potential SPAM. It is now stricter than it was before -- previously you had to be on a "blacklist" of known spammers to be blocked. Now, in addition to this, our mail server will pass your mail through filters to remove even more spam mails.

If you use Outlook to check your mail, we suggest visiting your web mail on a weekly basis to check if anything ways caught in the filter.

Also, please let us know if you like the stricter spam filters, or find they are catching "good" mails in the COMMUNITY.

thanks again for your support!


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8 new templates added!

many more on the way next week!
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HTML in captions

You can now add formatted text and links in photo captions.
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Bandzoogle is hiring!

Hey everyone, we're looking for a guru-level Coldfusion, Actionscript and Javascript programmer. If you are one, or can refer one to us, please forward their resume to
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Coming soon: drag and drop layouts

Our goal over the summer is to add a lot more customization options. The first big one is being worked on now -- the ability to resize and reposition page features on your site by "drag and drop". This will give you complete control over the layout of content areas of the site. We'll keep you posted!
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